Berlin metro

Berlin metro system is extensive. I used it many times, it makes it easy to get around this large metropolis. It consist of U-bahn (untergrundbahn) that mosly is underground, yellow and orange trains with 10 lines, and S-bahn, with red and beige trains, above ground (some on elevated tracks). The u-bahn consist of 146.3 km of tracks, of which 80% underground. It takes 1.360 000 riders a day. During the division of Berlin (East and West), when the wall was constructed, the lines were separated from each other. Many of the older stations have rich architecture and decorations.

The metro network is linked with buses (of which some double deckers) and trams. There are also many boats going on River Spree.

Berlin's underground metro, U-bahn, has yellow and orange trains. The system is pretty old, it opened in 1902, but has fairly modern trains. This station is along Friedrichstrasse.

U-bahn Hauptbahnhof.

Hauptbahnhof (main station) is an important hub for the metro.

The u-bahn at the Hauptbahnhof (main station) is visible from the giant atrium with the glass roof that covers the whole building.

U-bahn: Richard-Wagner-Platz.

U-bahn Wittenbergplatz (West Berlin) has nice paintings on the wall.

U-bahn Wittenbergplatz (West Berlin).

U-bahn station: Bundestag.

U-bahn station: Bundestag.

Underground passage between Quartier 206 and Galeries Lafayette.

Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse S-bahn.

S-bahn Friedrichstrasse.

U-ban Kochstrasse, just next to Checkpoint Charlie.

S-bahn station at Hackensche Markt.

S-bahn station at Bahnhof Alexanderplatz with Fernsehturm in the background.

Bahnhof Alexanderplatz and S-bahn trains seen from Fernsehturm.

The U-bahn goes right through Oberbaumbrücke, above River Spree. The bridge connects Kreuzberg and Friedrichshein.

Metro train passing on an elevated track in Kreuzberg.

U-bahn Schlesiches Tor is elevated and inside an old building.

U-bahn Schlesiches Tor is next to the river.

The S-bahn trains go right through the Museum Island!

Double decked older intercity train above River Spree.