State Street

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State Street, dubbed "America's finest street", is the second most important street in Chicago, after Michigan Ave. Since 1900 it is a major shopping destination and is sung about by Frank Sinatra in the song "Chicago". Here you find Marshall Fields flagship store, a Chicago landmark that with great controversy changed name to Macy's, same as the New York landmark. And the flagship store of Carson, Pirie and Scott, designed by Louis Sullivan and built in 1899, closed in 2007 after more then 100 years in business. It is now called Sullivan Center, and has a 2-storey Target store. Potter Palmer (1826-1902) is the business man who developed much of State Street in the late 19th century.

Chicago Theatre with its famous neon "Chicago" sign find on N State St, reminds you of the past times, the 30s movies and Al Capone. It was opened in 1921 as the world's first theater of its kind, and was dubbed "the wonder theatre of the world". It was built in French baroque style and the lobby was remodeled after the Royal Chapel in Versailles and the staircase after Parsi opera house. In the 1970s, the theater was a neglect movie theatre, but was saved for demolition in 1986, and transformed into its former grandeur. Today it once again houses live shows, like comedians and dance troups.

The district around the theater is called the Theatre District, and is Chicago's Broadway, since it has a large number of theatres, like the Cadillac Palace and the Oriental Theatre (not on State St).

In 1962, Marina City was built just next to Chicago River, with it's circular, corncob shaped twin towers. It is a twin 62-storey residential complex with a marina at the base, a significant parking garage above and apartments on the upper floors. It was the largest concrete structure ever built at the time and was designed by Bertrand Goldberg. The cylindrical shape stands in contrast to the surrounding cubical buildings. It has been featured in several movies. In the 70s movie "The Hunter" a car falls down from the parking garage, into the river.

The House of Blues is also situated between State and Dearborn streets, on the North part of Chicago River (just next to Marina City). It was named after Blues Brothers, whose actors invented the brand, and features much other music then blues...The building is curvy and is thus a good complement to Marina City. It has an interesting decor inside with much blue neon. You might think it is a very old club, but it opened in 1996.

Most of the pictures are from North State Street, named only State St and situated in the Loop and North of the Loop, passing above Chicago River. In the end of the page you will find a few from South State St, in South Loop. The whole State Street goes from the North to the South city limits.


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