- historical Frankfurt and the grand churches

Römerberg is the square in the heart of Frankfurt's very small Altstadt (old town). It is one of the few historical blocks that remain of central Frankfurt after the bombings by the Americans during WWII on the night of March 22 1944. At the square is the famous Römer town hall, St Nicholas Church and rebuilt medieval half-timbered houses. The big cathedral, Kaiserdom, is also near the square.

Römerberg Square. The historical heart of Frankfurt with the city hall Römer in the middle and Commerzbank Tower in the background. Click for a larger version.

Römer is a landmark that has been Frankfurt's rathaus, city hall, for more than 600 years. On the photo is the famous eastern facade. The entire 3-storey buiding complex occupies 9 houses.

The Alt-Limpurg and Löwenstein houses were rebuilt in a simplified form. The completely destroyed houses Frauenstein and Salzhaus were rebuilt in a simplified style.
In the background you can see the modern Zeil Hochhaus.

St Nicholas Church, or Nikolaikirche, at Römerberg. It is one of Frankfurt's oldest churches, dating back from 1290. It was rebuilt after the allied bombings in 1944.

Inside Nikolaikirche.

St Nikolai and a half-timbered house.

Justitia Statue, Römerberg.

Another statue at Römerberg.

A ceremony outside the Römer City Hall, probably a wedding. A man was singing opera loudly!

Other part of Römer.

Kaiserdom seen behind Römerberg.

The north wing of Römer (the town hall).

Römer's north wing and skybridge with the European Central Bank in the background. A modern tram is approaching.

Restored medieval half-timbered houses at Römerberg Square.

Schirn Kunsthalle, an art museum at Römerberg.

Gasthaus at Römerberg. Binging is the most popular local beer in Frankfurt.

Paulskirche. This red granite church was built 1789-1833. It was the first historical building to be rebuilt after the bomb raids in 1944. Paulskirche is no longer a church,
but serves as a building for official events, such as the German peace price, Friedenspreis des Deutschen Buchhandels.

1848-49 the Frankfurt parliament was gathered in Paulskirche to unite Germany, but failed.

At the moment, I was the only person visiting the large dome of the former church Paulskirche.

The square at Paulskirche, next to Römer.

An old time tram passing by Römerberg.

The backside of Römer looks a bit Italian. Here you can find souvenir shops, among others a special one for cat souvenirs!

The caricature museum.

A beautiful oldtimer Mercedes in the old town.

Kaiserdom, St Bartholomäus, or the Frankfurter Dom is the grand cathedral of Frankfurt. The oldest parts of the church are from the 1200s. The current gothic church
from 1877 is the latest of 5 different churches that have stood on this place. It was rebuilt after a great fire in 1867, but was destroyed again in the 1944 bombings. And
rebuilt again.

Looking towards the organ. The Kaiserdom is by far the most beautiful and impressive church of Frankfurt, only the cathedral of Mainz can compete with it in the surroundings.

The architect was Madern Garthener.

Modern TV display inside Kaiserdom.

Some of the remnants of the old church.

Kaiserdom, also called St Bartholomeus Cathedral, stands 95 m tall and is visible from the river banks of Main.