The skylines and views of Genova

The combination of the mountain backdrop, medieval towers, modern highrises in the harbour and "skyscrapers" from the 1930s make the skyline of Genova a by European standards, an interesting skyline. The highrises are not very tall ( just a bit above 100m) and most of them are located in the harbour, but some taller "real" skyscrapers are planned.

The skyline of the new harbour (Porto Vecchio) seen from the old harbour (Porto Antico):

Il Matitone (right) is dominating the skyline. At 109 m it is the city's tallest building to the roof height. It has 26 floors and was built in 1992. The black/blue glass building to the left is World Trade Center Genoa, 102m tall.

The skyline stretching further to the south to include La Lanterna, the world's oldest lighthouse (from 1544) that is still in use and one of the five tallest (76 m tall).

Il Matitone and some highrises on the rock.

One of many large ships in the new harbour.

City center skyline, looking to the East from the old harbour (Porto Antico):

Towers from the left: Torre Cantore, Torre Teatro Carlo Felice, Grimaldi Tower at the Ducal Palace, St Lawrence Cathedral, Dante 2 building, Torre Piacentini (Martini Tower) and some unknown medieval towers.

Two of Europe's first "skyscrapers" can be seen here. Torre Piacentini, also called Terrazza Martini Tower from 1940 (31 floors, 116m to the spire and Genova's tallest building to the spire). To the left is Torre Grimaldi and St Lawrence Cathedral.

The skyline seen from the ferry terminal in the new harbour (Port Vecchio):

The city center and Porto Antico.

City center from ferry terminal.

East part of Genoa seen from the new harbour.

WTC in the new harbour.

New harbour skyline at sunset.

The skyline to the East from our hotel:

The skyline from the terrace of our hotel, Bellevue, with Il Matitone to the left.

The same view with the Principe Station in the front, Genoa's main station.

The highrises to the south from the terrace of Hotel Bellevue.

La Lanterna to the left and Il Matitone to the right.