Pictures from the city center. Although Göteborg is twice as large as Malmö, the center is more compact.

Götaplatsen, the most central point of Göteborg. That´s were "Avenyn" begins at the southern edge.
Architecturally, I think this is one of the most ugly points of the otherwise so beautiful central Göteborg
because the important buildings are built in yellow brick. The yellow building in front of the Radisson
Park Avenue to the right is the municipal library.

A close up of the famous Poseidon statue in the middle of the square reveals that some naughty people
have added soap to the water in the fountain and put a condom on the statue! It becomes even more
funny when you explore that the restaurant in the background is called Idioten, which actually means "the idiot"…
The yellow brick building with vaults in the background is the konsthallen(arts exhibition).

Kungsportsavenyn, by locals called just "Avenyn" (the avenue), is the most important road in central Göteborg.
This is a typical Göteborg image with these old trams. There were so many people it was hard to get through.

Stora Teatern, Göteborg´s largest theatre, is also located on "Avenyn".

One of the old street cars at Avenyn, running to Liseberg.

The church tower is Christina kyrka. The building to the left of the church is probably the town hall.

Gustav Adolfs Torg with the bourse house. The 2nd one was taken at Saturday night.
The whole city seemed to be drunk then.

Look - all those cars(mostly Volvos) at Östra Hamngatan are similar to each other!
To the left NK, the city´s largest department store, is situated.

Stora Hamnkanalen, Gothenburg´s answer toVenice?

Domkyrkan, the cathedral of Göteborg.

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Skyline from Skånegatan with Gothia Towers and Lisebergstornet. Sorry about the poor quality.

Some central street scenes from Sweden´s 2nd largest city.