This page is about the eastern part of central Göteborg, just southeast of downtown. Here is Liseberg, Sweden´s largest amusement park, 2 of Sweden´s largest sports arenas (Nya Ullevi and Scandinavium) and Johanneberg, the hilly district were we stayed.

Liseberg is Sweden´s largest amusement park. The photo is taken from Gothia Towers and shows Lisebergstornet, 2 droptowers, a rollercoaster and Universeum to the right. You can read more about Universeum further below.

Liseberg´s entrance after dark. "The needle" is visible to the left.

Lisebergtornet, called "the needle" by locals. The only purpose with this structure is to serve as an observation tower for visitors of Liseberg, were the whole observation deck rides up and down with no need for elevators. It can serve 65 visitors per trip. The tower itself is just 100m tall, but since it is located on a hill it takes you up 125m above the sea (I took a ride in the early 90s when visiting Liseberg).

The first pic from the Gothenburg trip, taken from the highway on the Liseberg rollercoaster.

Gothia Towers, WTC and Svenska Mässan. Located right opposite Liseberg, this is Sweden´s largest hotel(700 rooms). It consists of two glass towers, built. The tallest one is Göteborg´s2nd tallest building and wasn´t even built when I was there last time since it was added in 2001 to the lower tower from 1984(called Sara Hotel Gothia then). 75m and 23 floors is the height , to compare with 63m and 18 floors for the lower one. The complex includes World Trade Center and Svenska Mässan, that is one of Sweden´s largest convention/exhibition centers.

The glass of Gothia Towers reflects the city.

Looking up.

We took an elevator ride up to the 23rd floor and the restaurant/bar Heaven 23. It is a must, as it offers incredible views of Göteborg from different angles. This viewpoint came as a nice surprise as Utkiken was closed. The views are in the skylines section.

Universeum is in the same block as Liseberg, opposite the Gothia Towers. This cool and large building is a science museum that contains rain forests and aquarium. It was completed in 2001 and was designed by Gert Wingårdh (that also designed the now cancelled Scandinavian Tower in Malmö) as an ecological prototype. Unfortunately we didn´t have time and money to get inside, that was very sad.
Ullevi and Scandinavium are also located close to Liseberg, just east of downtown.

Canon Center, Canon/HP:s office building. It is located opposite the Ullevi stadium, not so far from downtown. Unfortunately it is very hard to get info about the height of the building, but I think it is Gothenburg´s 3rd tallest. Close to it, a 30-story, 100m tall skyscraper is proposed. If built, that will be Göteborg´s tallest building.

Nya Ullevi. Yes, there is also an old Ullevi(nya=new), though Nya Ullevi is the football stadium that replaced the old onw as early as in the 50s. The highrise to the right is Canonhuset. Metallica made a gig at Ullevi just a few weeks after we left…

Scandinavium, one of northern Europe´s foremost indoor arenas (mainly icehockey, but concerts are also held). It was built in 1971 and can accommodate almost 15 000 people. I think the orange color is ugly, but the Gothia Towers make a nice backdrop.

Burgårdsplatsen. This beautiful place is located close to Scandinavium, Ullevi and Liseberg.

This nearby beautiful building is called Hotell Onyxen.

Scandic Hotel Opalen.

Johanneberg´s water tower has 14 stories.

Johanneberg is the hilly district were we stayed, somewhere between the water tower and the church. Avenyn is just a few blocks down, and so are Liseberg.