CBD (Central Business District), City Centre North

- Beetham Tower West, Beetham Tower, The Strand, Beetham Towers, Nelson Monument, Exchange Flags, Our Lady and St Nicholas Church, Princess Dock, Castle Street, Dale Street, Old Hall Street

In the North end of the city centre, you find a new Central Business District (CBD) where a construction of highrises and small skyscrapers have appeared recently, many with interesting shapes. They have all been built in the 2000s, and transformed the skyline of Liverpool. The tallest buildings are the Beetham Tower West from 2007 (40 floors, Liverpool's tallest building) and Beetham Tower from 2004 (27 floors). Alexandra Tower, Unity Residential and 1 Princes Dock are other significant residential highrises from the mid 2000s in the area, and New Hall Place is an older terracotta coloured building from 1974. A wide boulevard, partly called the Strand, separates the business district from Albert Dock. The historic Our Lady and St Nicholas Church stands along the Strand. It was the tallest building in Liverpool 1813–1868 with its 53m. Large hotels such as the Hilton, Thistle, Mercure, Crowne Plaza and Radisson can be found in the area.

Just to the South of the modern office tower you find some historical buildings; the Town Hall (see this section), some other buildings and the 11-storey Exchange Flags building from 1939. Between them stands the Nelson Monument (unveiled in 1813), that features statues of men in chains and the inscription "Every man must do his duty". Also the Law Courts, the Exchange Bldg and Mercury Court can be found in this area. The busy Dale Street goes to the East and features some imposing beautiful historical municipal buildings. Old Hall St goes towards Beetham West Tower and on Castle Street you find more historical buildings.

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