Liverpool University Area, City Centre East

- Hatters hostel, Mt Pleasant, Victoria Museum Building, Hanover St, Ranelagh St, Central Station, Epstein Theatre

At Hanover St, that changes name to Ranelagh St near Lime St, you find the Liverpool Central Station (a smaller but more modern railway station then Lime St Station), the Epstein Theatre and a very popular pub area, with charming historical buildings. Renshaw St is another busy street, where you find Grand Central, a former methodist church in an art nouveau building that is now filled with alternative shops! At Bold St you find St Luke's Church (currently under renovation), as well as many nightclubs and restaurants.

In the University area, on the East end of the city centre, you find the campus that belongs to the University of Liverpool. Most significant is the Victoria Building, a red brick Grade II listed building from 1891 with a clock tower. Here you find the Victoria Gallery & Museum, an art museum with free admission. There are many ultramodern buildings with striking designs in the university area as well. The John Lennon Art and Design Building is one of them.

We stayed at the simple Hatters Hostel, a cheap hostel at Mt Pleasant, a hilly street centrally situated near Lime St Station. Breakfast was okay, the atmosphere quite nice, we met some friendly people there, but it was worn and unfortunately our sleep was disturbed by Polish football holigans!

University area 01 University area 02 - John Lennon Art and Design Bldg University area 03 University area 04 - Metropolitan Cathedral University area 05 - Victoria Building University area 06 - Victoria Building University area 07 University area 08 University area 09 Hatters Hostel, Mt Pleasant 09 Hatters Hostel, Mt Pleasant 10 Hatters Hostel, Mt Pleasant 02 Hatters Hostel, Mt Pleasant 04 Hatters Hostel, Mt Pleasant 05 Hatters Hostel, Mt Pleasant 06 Hatters Hostel, Mt Pleasant 07 Hatters Hostel, Mt Pleasant 13 Views from Hatters Hostel Views from Hatters Hostel Views from Hatters Hostel Views from Hatters Hostel Views of Metropolitan Cathedral from Mt Pleasant

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