Dockan and Hjälmarekajen

Hjälmarekajen and Dockan are the parts of Västra Hamnen that are close to the city center. Here you find many new office, residential and hotel buildings, many still under construciton. Malmö Live, the new concert hall/hotel/congress center, completed in 2015, is the tallest building in Malmö. Hjälmarekajen is situated right opposite the central station.


Dockan (The Dock) is the new area built at the site were Kockumskranen, the world's tallest crane of its kind, and the foremost symbol of Malmö until it was moved to Korea, was located before. Kockumskranen was 140m tall and you can read more about it here. In the new millennium it has begun an area with office buildings for well known companies expensive apartment buildings that are built very close to a small boat harbour where the residents can park their boats. Two highrise hotels are planned for the area.

Formerly the site for the enormous Kockumskranen, the world's largest gantry crane. Now a luxorious residential area. The buildings on the left side are the newest ones.

Mercedes-Benz new office building in Dockan.

Turning Torso behind the Mercedes sign at Dockan.

The new 13-storey residential highrise with glass balconies, a new landmark for Dockan, completed in 2015.

The residents of Dockan can have their own boats just outside their apartments.

Just a few years back the whole area was empty after the removal of Kockumskranen.

Turning Torso seen from Dockan, with the modern Mediegymnasiet to the right.

Dockplatsen, the new modern square at Dockan.

The courtyard of one of Dockan's new apartment buildings with a "gate to the sea".

A courtyard seen from the other side.

Sigmahuset, the glass office building from the early 2000s with the expensive night club/restaurant Glasklart inside a huge atrium.

A ferry is passing Dockan, that here was still under construciton..

Dockan before the buildings on the right (west) side were built. In the end of the left side a 30-storey hotel will be built.

Dockan is like a Scandiavian version of an exclusive southern European resort, only the boats are smaller.

Dockan by night, the 2010 performance. It was free and performed by Malmö Dansteater in Dockan in Västra Hamnen. It was a pretty cold September evening.
The performance included moving light cranes in front of Turning Torso, dance, music, light shows, a queen with a dress made of bin-liners and a small ufo!

Click on the picture or here to see more of the performance!


Orkanen (the Hurricane) university building and library. The facade has reflective panels with "words of wisdom". The highrise to the right, Studio, is brand new (built 2016).

Colourful sculptures.

New office building and sculptures at Hjälmarekajen.

Entrance to the underground part of Malmö Central Station underneath Hjälmarekajen.

The new futuristic bridge at Hjälmarekajen, with the Niagara highrise u/c in the background.

The small yellow building, now a restaurant, was removed during the construction works of Citytunneln, but later replaced on the same spot due to historical significance. The modern clock tower in the background is an entrance to an underground part of the central station, where you can find a tunnel that leads to the main station.

Kvarter Niagara. This futuristic highrise complex, completed in 2015, is part of Malmö Högskola university, features a light atrium.

"Malmhattan" skyline from the left: Niagara, Malmö Live, Tenoren.

Studio, a 13-storey highrise building u/c at Hjälmarekajen. Completion 2016.

World Maritime University. This historical building, that includes a landmark tower, recently (2015) got a controversial postmodern addition to the South, designed by Kim Utzon. With diagnoal angles, it creates a natural atrium inside. The propeler to the right is a symbol of the Maritime University.

Details of World Maritime University's brand new annex, designed by Kim Utzon (son to the architect of Sydney Opera House) and completed in 2015.

Orkanen (left) is one of the newest of Malmö Högskola's univerisity buildings. Orkanen means "the Hurricane". Several new office buildings have been built at Hjälmarekajen.


Orkanen has "words of wisdom" written in its mirroring aluminium façade.

It is very large and has 3 atriums with modern art and a library. Here is a tall sculpture.

View over Turning Torso and Kockumshuset from Orkanen.

Interior of Orkanen with views of Malmö.

Recently, they opened a new bridge in Malmö, Universitetsbron (University Bridge). It will take Malmö's city center closer to the sea with new connections.
This lighthouse is actually not new, but it was integrated by the bridge when it opened.

Nya Hovrätten (New Court of Appeal) from 2009 to the right and Malmö Högskola's modern university building to the left. Nordmills factory in the background.

This university building was one of the first buildings belonging to the university that was invented in the 1990s. It has a futuristic atrium.