Hyllie and its planned new districit Hyllievång, close to Öresundsbron in southwest Malmö, has a lot of large projects under construction. In Hyllie, Malmö Arena, the new hockey and concert arena, opened in 2008 until the once so lonely Hyllie Vattentorn from 1973. The area was just a field as late a s in the 1990s, but now there is a new city tunnel station, Scandinavia's largest shopping mall with about 220 stores -the brand new Emporia, and the skyscraper complex Point Hyllie is under construction in the area (18 to 27 floors) and the highrise hotel Malmö Arena Hotel. Also 2 highrise hotels, Chinatown, wide avenues, rocks, a botanical garden and a theme park are being planned in the area. Malmömässan, Malmö's Exhibition and Convention Center, was inaugurated in 2012, it has an area of 20,000 m².

Point Hyllie (27 floors, 110m, u/c 2019) and Quality Hotel View (18 floors, completed 2017).

Point Hyllie.

Hyllie skyline with Point Hyllie, Quality Hotel View, Malmö Arena Hotel and Hyllie Vattentorn seen from the village Vintrie.

The new office building Dungen, u/c.

The banderole in the front is an ad for the Point Hyllie highrise and its proximity to all the world's airports, because the trains just take a few minutes to Copenhagen's
airport from the nearby citytunnel station. Some of Hyllie's landmarks can be seen in the background: Emporia, Malmö Arena, Point Hyllie phase 1, Hyllie vattentorn and a large parking garage.

Malmö Arena and Hyllie Vattentorn.

Hyllie Vattentorn, the 62m high water tower from 1973 used to have a coffee shop and an observation deck above the four pillars, but it was closed.

Hyllie Vattentorn has been renovated.


Many people think it looks like an UFO, especially at nights when it is shining with a cool strong blue light. Sadly, as you can see, the structure needs a renovation.
This is close to the site were the very tall skyscrapers Scandinavian Tower and Malmö Tower were supposed to be built, but was cancelled.

Malmö Arena, is the huge new arena for events like hockey, other sports and concerts. It was completed in 2009 (but the picture is from 2010). It can take 12-14 000
visitors and is located just next to the water tower.

Closeups of the newly completed (2009) Malmö Arena, before and after it completion.

Malmö Arena's main entrance at the city tunneln inauguration in December 2010.

There was an exhibition about the area inside Malmö Arena. This is a model of future Hyllievång.

A temporary skating rink in Malmö Arena.

Inside Malmö Arena.

A new (2014) sculpture of a face with a fountain that spits out water from its mouth in the traffic circle just outside Emporia.

Details of the face.

"Face" roundabout.

Point Hyllie, a highrise complex under construction 2014. There will be two lowrise building and two highrises, the tallest will have 27 floors.

Malmö Arena Hotel is also a highrise hotel under construction. It will have 16 floors, 2 less then Quality View.

Malmö Arena Hotel, rendering. This hotel will open in march 2015 and have 215 rooms.

The new Malmö Arena u/c, with Hyllie Vattentorn (the “ufo” water tower) to the left in May 2008.

Hyllie Vattentorn was completely alone in the field in the beginning of the 2000s.

Hyllie station with the artwork “Minuten” above. It is named Minuten because it takes a minute for the light effect to rotate around the circular roof.

The entrance to the new Hyllie Citytunnel station, called "Minuten"because there is a lot that rotates the structure in just a minute. It is the last stop before Denmark. After
Hyllie, the train passes above Öresund at the bridge and then reaches the station underneath Copenhagen Airport. This photo is from 2014.


Outside Malmö Arena with Minuten Citytunnel station and Point Hyllie.

Another parking garage and Hyllie Vattentorn.

Solar panels.

Malmömässan was built in 2012 to replace the old exhibition center in Västra Hamnen. In my opinion a pretty dull design...

A new building under contruction opposite Emporia, with diagonal angles.

A new modern building under construction and the tracks of Hyllie station.

Hyllie Boulevard is the new boulevard that is built in the middle of the new neighbourhood.

Hyllie Boulevard with Hyllie Arena Hotel (u/c, left) and the new face sculpture.


Emporia is currently (2012) Scandinavia's largest shopping mall. It is situated opposite Malmö Arena in Hyllie the southwest outskirts of Malmö. It has about 220 stores, including two large supermarkets, restaurants and some international store brands. The architecture, designed by Gert Wingårdh's famous studio, is spectacular with unusual colours and shapes; yellow, blue and red The building has totally six floors, of which three floors of stores. The basement floor is located at a hill, so it has an own entrance ot the parking lot. The Emporia shopping center was inaugurated autumn 2012. You can find 3 atriums with waterfall, trees and glass.

And there is a roof garden on top of the building, where you can watch views over Malmö, Öresundsbron and Denmark! Website: http://www.emporia.se

The main exterior of Emporia towards Hyllie Boulevard and Hyllie Torg (square) is consisting of amber coloured glass in an almost organic shape. It resembles architecture that more likely could be found in Dubai then Malmö. The mall occupies 93 000 m².

Emporia and Hyllie Boulevard in 2014.

Emporia, under construction.

The top of the amber coloured exterior.

The so called "amber entrance" with amber coloured escalator and parts of the floors in amber.

There is an Opel store inside Emporia.

There is a waterfall flowing around this glass elevator.


Point Hyllie lower phases and entrance to Minuten, the underground train station.

An odd clothes store.

The circular green atrium, leading to the green roof garden.

Most pictures where taken the day after the inauguration autumn 2012.

The red stairway, close to the main entrance.

Havstorget, the "sea square".

There is much glass used both on the interior and the exterior.

A surrealistic sculpture outside the blue exterior.

Part of the huge Emporia building, with the huge sign, with the multi-coloured parking garage.

These glass boxes are to recognize the customer's cars.

The blue backside, resembling waves, is somewhat shorter since it is located on an artificial hill.

Many 60s and 70s colours are used in the Emporia complex.

There were catwalks going on on a temporary skybridge in the blue atrium, Havstorget.

The curved blue roof terrace resembles waves and offers views.

The waterfall outside the "blue elevator".

Figures that move along the people that walks next to this skyline picture.

The new parking garage of Emporia.

Emporia's parking garage and Turning Torso.

A roof on top of Emporia.

IKEA in nearby Svågertorp is one of the world's largest, Sweden's second largest! To the right is the new residential bulding u/c.

The large parking garage of Emporia has windows and fancy colours and a ramp that "hangs" in the air, making the appearance that the cars disappear in the sky!

Emporia after dark.


Views from the roof garden on top of the Emporia mall:

On the roof of Emporia there is an ecological garden that offers views over Malmö, Öresundsbron and Denmark!. It has artificial hills and occupies an area of 27 000 m².

The entrance to the roof garden from the green atrium.

Hyllie Vattentorn and Malmö Arena.

Urban landscape.

Malmömässan, the new exhibition center of Malmö. It openend in 2012 after the old exhibtion center in Västra Hamnen was torn down. It is 20 000 m² large.

Part of the green roof terrace. It is very windy in the winter!

The oddly shaped glass entrance on the roof garden.

Hyllie Arena Hotel and Hyllie Water Tower in 2014.

Kronprinsen (left, 82m, built 1964) and Malmö Live/Clarion Hotel (right, 85m, expected completion 2015). In the middle is Lorensborg.

Turning Torso, Kronprinsen and Malmö Live. In the front is Emporia's roof garden.

Triangeln area in central Malmö with Malmö Stadion, Hilton, Kv Kaninen highrise, Pildammstornet, St Johannes Church and Quality Hotel Konserthuset.

Part of the articifial grass on the roof garden.

Öresundsbron, the bridge across the Sound between Sweden and Denmark.

Öresundsbron and a countryside residence.

Wind power stations on Danish side.

Observation platform.

Malmö skyline. The blue curve is part of the west entrance.

Cementa factory in 2012, soon to be torn down.

The new silo, St Johannes Church, Hilton, St Johannes Church, Borgmästargården, Annebergsgården.

The X shaped windows on the roof garden, with Turning Torso mirroring.