Limhamn is a wealthy district in the southwest outskirts of Malmö, right next to the sea. It used to be a town of its own until 1915 and Limhamn has its
own post address. The residents of Limhamn are still considering it a bit independent from the rest of Malmö, since most of the problems with crime and
segregation haven’t reached the district yet. It has 5 373 inhabitants. There are many nice villas and even mansions around Limhamn and the district
Bellevue. Unfortunately there are also many ugly yellowbrick or grey residential blocks from the 60s.

Limhamn's old town center:

Limhamn's main street.

Wesleykyrkan, a cool American looking church, especially with these vehicles.

Limhamns Församlinghus, a jugend building belonging to the church.

View of Copenhagen from Ön, a residential island in Limhamn.

Fridhem and Ribersborg

2 wealthy areas between central Malmö and Limhamn. Ribersborg has its own beach, the 2km long "Ribban", that has views of Västra Hamnen.

A beautiful residence building called Mannhem near Fridhemstorget.

Mannhem in HDR.

A large residence in Fridhem, opposite the Ribersborg beach.

Modern houses at Ribersborg.

Ribersborg residences. The building to the right is famous for its architecture and the wellknown residents. Ribersborg is situated just southwest of the city center.

Potatisåkern ("potatoe field") is an up scale residental area, designed in postmodern style by the firm of the famous American architect Charles Moore. It is located right
next to Ribersborg beach.

It was built in 1995. In 2007, there was a huge fire that destroyed parts of some buildings, but is has now been refurbished.

The strong colors of Potatisåkern look almost Disneyland like.

Tall unnamed sculpture at Potatisåkern.

Turning Torso seen from Potatisåkern.

Most private villas in Malmö are not very large, except some exceptions in Limhamn, Bellevue and Fridhem. These 2 are located next to the Ribbersborg beach:

Zlatan’s mansion (the football player).

Fridhemsbo, another luxorious mansion.

Limhamns Kalkbrott:

The suburb looking Limhamn, formerly a town of its own, is Malmö's most wealthy district together with its neighbouring areas.

The limestone quarry of Limhamn, in Swedish called Limhamns Kalkbrott, is impressive because of its size. In the background you can see the 2 polygons of Öresundsbron.

It is said that all the buildings in the whole Malmö could take place in this giant hole! The bridge, also in southwestern Malmö, can be seen in the distance.

The foundation of the famous statue of Jesus in Rio were built of limestone from this quarry.

The limestone quarry is 1600 meter long and 600 m wide. It was officially inaugurated in 1886, although it has been used since the 17th century.

Here you can see why it has been compared to Grand Canyon.

The impressive limestone quarry.

Ribbersborg beach in the late autumn. The beach is about 4km long, has a promenade for bikers and pedestrians, and is close to the city center.

As new senior residential midrise buildings, called Victoria Park, are u/c at Malmö’s limestone quarry, the look is dramatically changing from ths side. The buildings are
promoted to have views over "the Grand Canyon of Malmö". Turning Torso is to the left and Bunkeflo kyrka in Vintrie to the right. A spa, cinema, restaurant, golf and
tennis courts, indoor and outdoor pool, a 24 hour reception and a vine cellar are all parts of the Victoria Park complex.

A bridge out to the Öresund sound, that has views over Malmö skyline.

Ribbersborg's with views over the Västra Hamnen skyline in 2010.



Sibbarp is a beach area that is bordering the city limit to the south, just south of Limhamn. It is just on the north side of Öresundsbron, that is visible from there.

Öresundsbron at sunset seen from Sibbarp.

Copenhagen, Denmark at sunset seen from Sibbarp.