Moderna Muséet

Moderna Muséet, Malmö’s new modern art museum opened in late 2009. It is housed in Rooseum’s former building, that has been refurbished, rebuilt
and modernized. Even the street outside has been transformed into a small plaza. It is situated in the east part of the city center, near the canal.

The rebuilt and modernized entrance to Moderna Muséet.

The interior focuses on the art.

The Alice Neel exhibition on the large ground floor, that has a very high ceiling:

Alice Neel was an American painter that mostly became famous for painting provocative
portraits of people she knew. The exhibition was held in January 2011, the only one I
have visited there so far.


The architecture section of Alice Neel.

The floors of the exhibition hall are white and minimalistic.

On the top you can see a detail of the old Rooseum building.


Second floor; permanent exhibition, various artists:

On the permanent exhibition on the second floor there are some really famous works by famous artist.

Part of a famous controversial photo of John E Franzén, who has been known for
photographing the royal family.

A car bonnet.

A portrait remaining the famous artist Reutersvärd.

“Black and white Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol.


Dusk at the gate to the museum.