Malmö by night

This is a collection of photos from Malmö after dark. Malmö used to be a pretty dark and boring city in the evenings and nights, but since the new project "Malmö by light"
several structures, buildings and trees have been light up, many in unusual colours. And that is very important since it can turn dark already at 3-4 pm wintertime.

Many of the photos are also shown in other section, on the page for the district where it is located.

Stortorget by night during Malmöfestivalen.

Lightshow during concert at Malmöfestivalen 2009.

Thåström live at Stortorget, Malmöfestivalen 2009.

Small ferris wheel at Stortorget during Malmöfestivalen 2010.

Kockska huset, famous historic building from the 16th century. The entrance to the exclusive restaurant Årstiderna is below the light.

3 hotels meeting near Stortorget: The brand new Renaissance, Mäster Johan and Rica.

Around Hjälmarekajen with Scandinavian Center and a university tower building.

The "blue bridge" called Kaptensbron with P-huset Anna in the background.

Anna is parking garage in black glass that has become famous because it is allowed to create graffity on one of the walls on the ground floor.

Scandic Triangeln in 2013, formerly Hilton and Sheraton, now has a red colour schem on the elevator part.

Hilton's atrium seen from its exterior glass panorama elevators at night.

St. Johannes Church, next to Triangeln's Citytunnel station.

Elysée is a fashionable/snobbish nightclub in central Malmö.

Light show outside a store in central Malmö.

Next to the marble sculpture skating-rink wintertime.

Entré with its strangely lightened glass is the first thing you see when approaching Malmö from the highway from the North.

Entré from the road.

Södervärnstornet, nicknamed "the dick", is the 54 m tall landmark of Södervärn.

The new Akuten hospital building at Södervärn.

The sculpture outside the theater, Malmö Stadsteater/ Opera.

Pildammsparken skyline in a dark summer night 2010. Kronprinsen, Turning Torso and Pildammstornet can be ssen here.


Västra Hamnen:

Turning Torso.

Turning Torso and the Mercedes building seen form Dockan.

The model of Turning Torso inside the lobby of Turning Torso.

Turning Torso from below.

University bridge.

Orkanen, a university building belonging to Mah.

Random city center:

Casino Cosmopol.

Gamla Väster.

St Petri Church.

Slagthuset. Nightclub and office highrise.


Malmö city center seen from Dockan.


Hyllie Vattentorn, the 62m high water tower has a coffee shop
and an observation deck above the four pillars. Many people
think it looks like an UFO, especially at nights when it is shining
with a cool strong blue light.

Emporia, Scandinavia's largest shopping mall, after dark.