Monte Carlo

The most famous part of Monaco, that gave name to the famous Monte Carlo rally. Monte Carlo is home to the casino, where the incomes to the state comes from, and is the city center. Monte Carlo is a very rich and wealthy place and at few places you can see as many Ferraris as here. Monte Carlo is also where the famous Monaco Grand Prix takes place. Monte Carlo is located at the foot of the Maritime Alps.

Casino Monte Carlo. Because the incomes to the state comes from this casino, the citizens of Monaco don't have to pay tax. I was surprised that we were allowed to go inside for a short time.

Note the reflecting mirror at the casino.

Rolls-Royces, Bentleys and Porsches can be seen at Place du Casino...

...and of course Ferraris!

To the left is Café de Paris, a place where I took a drink a few years back.

Place du Casino. To the right is Hôtel de Paris.

Brand stores at Place du Casino.

Hermitage, a 5 star hotel at Place du Casino.

View towards the misty mountains from Jardin du Casino.

From street level it is possible to take the elevator up to Boulevard des Moulins.

Boulevard des Moulins is one of the most exclusive streets of Monte-Carlo.

St Charles is a beautiful church at Boulevard des Moulins. The strange statue in the front is of Cardinal Seduto.

Stairs leading down from Boulevard des Moulins.

A modern pink building at the boulevard.

Le Millefiori can be seen in the background.

Avenue Saint-Laurent.

At this place next to Jardin du Casino you can drive a red Ferrari Modena 80 euro (40 euro for being a co-driver) along the road that are used during the Monaco Grand Prix.

Jardins du Casino.

Jardin du Casino is a very beautiful park with many palms. It is divided into 2 parts.

The 37-storey Le Millefiori, one of Monaco's 2 tallest buildings (both 111m), seen from Jardin du Casino.

Barclays Bank.

The road that is used by Formel 1 cars during the Monaco Grand Prix goes right through the hotel Fairmont Monte Carlo (formerly Loews).


Many Ferraris can be seen in Monaco, especially in Monte Carlo.

Ferrari in Monaco is almost as common as Volvo in Sweden!

The white building to the right is Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort.

Monte Carlo from Port Hercule.

View from the Japanese garden to the East.

Skyline of Larvotto, that counts as a part of Monte Carlo.

Le Millefiori, the tallest building in Monte Carlo together with anoterh skyscraper (both are 111m tall). It was in 1969.

View from the casino towards Café de Paris and the town Beausoleil in France.

The Japanese Gardens, right next to the shore.

The Japanese Gardens has a lake, islands, a tea pavilion, a stone fountain and more.

The Japanese Garden is really beautiful and impressive with the stunning mountains of Monaco as a backdrop. However it is the only Japanese garden I have visited so far.

The Japanese Garden of Monaco was designed at the request of Prince Rainier from a request princess Grace had during her lifetime. The garden was designed by the landscape architect Yasuo Beppu and opened in 1994.

Columbia Palace is the twin towers 105m from 1985. L'Annonciade, 111m can be seen in the middle.

Monaco Grimaldi Forum, a conference center for business and cultural events next to the Japanese Garden, has an exciting -ultramodern but yet mystic- architecture.

Grimaldi Forum was built in 2000 by the Grimaldi family, rulers of Monaco. At this moment it hosts an exhibition about the queens of Egypt.