This page is dedicated to the 155m tall Kaknästornet, Sweden´s 2nd tallest structure, and the nearby Diplomatstaden. Kaknästornet (the Kaknäs Tower) from 1967 was the tallest structure in Sweden until Turning Torso (190m) was completed in Malmö in 2004.Kaknästornet is 155 meter tall to the top of the roof (170m to the mast) and uses very fast elevators. On the top there is two observation decks (outdoors and indoors) and a restaurant. Kaknästornet is situated on Ladugårdsgärdet, a green district to the Northeast of the city center. I visited the observation deck on the top in 2003.


Kaknästornet (155m tall) from 1957 and Djurgården with Gröna Lund seen from Slussen.



Kaknästornet, Gröna Lund


We went all the way up for free because we had SL-cards (subway/buscards).

This is a shot from the Kaknäs tower, hard to take because of a fence with very small holes:

To the left is the city center and Kungsholmen and the avenue to the right is Valhallavägen at Östermalm.
Kaknästornet is situated in an area called Ladugårdsgärdet where there is not many buildings despite it is just
east of the city center.


Diplomatstaden. This district, across the water from Djurgården and very close to Kaknästornet, is were
all the embassys are situated. Many of the embassys are situated in beautiful villas, but the American embassy
is in an ugly grey modernistic building.