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York is a medieval city with lots of history. On the West side of River Ouse and the immediate city center, you find Micklegate, a hilly, winding, curvy road with historical buildings, pubs, cafés,nightclubs, stores and restaurants. Micklegate Bar is the most famous gate of the ancient wall, this iconic tower stands on the West end of the steet, while the bridge above River Ouse is on the East. Micklegate means "mykla gata", "great street" in Old Norse. It was the traditional ceremonial gates for monarchs entering the city, like Richard II. Heads of traitors were left here to rot! Micklegate is also a street with the same name, the main street on the West part of the city. Along Micklegate street, that is somewhat of a hub for nightlife, you find St Martins Church, Holy Trinity Church and Jalou, a former church that became a cocktail bar. This is where I stayed for one night, at Safestay Hostel (see below for review). York Station, the historical main railway station of York, is also situated on the West side of thr river. It is a yellowbrick station building, built in 1877 (extended 1909) with 11 platforms. York is a major railway hub, halfway between London and Edinburgh. The majestic 4-star Principal of York Hotel is connected to the station, built in the same yellowbrick style. Between Micklegate and the station is a long intact part of the City Wall of York, parallel to the hilly Queen Street and Station Road, with beautiful cherry trees, that you also find in the nearby Memorial Gardens. Here is also a lawn and a war memorial.


Safestay is a very fresh hostel, situated at Micklegate street on the West side of the river Ouse, just a few blocks from the railway station, that is on the other side of the wall. It is part of a chain and looks very fresh, even luxiorious, to be a hostel. That is beacause it is sitauted in a 4-storey historic redbrick building (a 16th century Georgian town house), with a nice basement featuring computers and wifi for internet access. Lots of paintings and signs tells stories about its history With chandeliers, fireplaces and grand stairways, floors and ceilings painted in violet and pink it is very hip today. The shared room was very fresh, and even featured violet curtains that could be closed during night. It also featured a lamp. There was not many people during my visit, probably because the visit was in early spring.A plus was that our room had views of the York Minster and the skyline. The staff was a bit confused and told me the wrong floor twice. That was especially annoying since that the building has no elevator, considering there are 4 floors with very high ceiling. The staff was very friendly though. Breakfast was not included, so I had breakfast at a nearby café. The hostel has both shared rooms and private bedrooms.


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