River Ouse

- High Ousegate, Coppergate, Pavement, All Saints Church, St Marys Castlegate, Kings Staith, Queens Staith, Ouse Bridge, Lendal Bridge, River Foss, Ghost Walk

River Ouse flows through the city, dividing it in two w-ith Micklegate to the West and the historical city centre with the most famous sights to the East of the river. River Foss flows to the East of the city center, and meets Ouse to the south of it. Along the river you find open air restaurants, they were very popular during my visit since the spring weather was great. On the West bank is Queens Staith road and on the East bank is Kings Staith road, where the Ghost Walk begins, a mysterious tour to York's haunted places. There are several boat cruises along the river. Together with continuation River Ure, it is totally 208km long, that makes it the 6th longest river in the UK.

Significant buildngs and places that can be seen from the river are Clifford's Tower, Museum Gardens and York & Selby Magistrates Court. Many of them are beautifully illuminated after dark. There are totally 9 beautiful bridges above River Ouse, the most central ones are: Ouse Bridge (that I crossed several times, built 1821), Lendal Bridge (that goes to the cathedral, built 1863), Skeldergate Bridge (1881) and Millennium Bridge (a futuristic one from 2001).

High Ousegate is a pedestrian street, that begins right after the Ouse Bridge above the river and the short Low Ousegate. Here you find brand stores such as H&M. Coppergate and Pavement are streets that are nearby, on the East part in the city centre. All Saints Church on Pavement and St Mary's Church on Castlegate are both among the tallest churches in York.

River Ouse 01 - View from Ouse Bridge River Ouse 02 - Ouse Bridge River Ouse 03 - Kings Staith River Ouse 04 - Kings Staith River Ouse 05 - Kings Staith River Ouse 06 - Ghost Walk at Kings Staith River Ouse 07 River Ouse 08 River Ouse 09 - Lendal Bridge River Ouse 10 River Ouse 11 - Lendal Bridge River Ouse 12 River Ouse 13 - Kings Staith River Ouse 14 River Ouse 15 - Ghost Walk River Ouse 16 - Ouse Bridge River Ouse 17 - Woodsmill Quay, Queens Staith River Ouse 18 - Kings Staith, Queens Staith Cumberland St City Wall, Station Rd near Lendal Bridge Low Ousegate High Ousegate 01 - H&M High Ousegate 02 High Ousegate 03 Coppergate 01 Coppergate 02 Jorvik Viking Centre, Coppergate All Saints Pavement Church Pavement St Marys Castlegate