Stonegate, Kings Square, St Helen's Square, Low Petergate, Parliament St

- Coney St, Lendal, Joe's Kitchen, The Armoury, Christmas Store, Evil Eye, Yorkshire Terrier

Stonegate, Swinegate and Petersgate are some of the most beautiful preserved pedestrian streets in the heart of York. They offer small shops, restaurants (many typical British), tea rooms, cafés and pubs, located inside beautiful historical buildings, many of them half-timbered. Along Stonegate, probably the most popular and the most beautiful street except the Shambles, you find an armour store, The Armoury, Bettys Café, The Wohlfart, The Yorkshire Terrier, Evil Eye and a Christmas store open all year round! Kings Square is one of the major squares, where you find street artist, (a fire-eaters during my visit), juice sellers and small shops. It is a popular place for tourists and locals to hang out. Parliament Street, one of the wider pedestrian streets of York begins here.
St Helen's Square is also a major square, between Coney St (where you find the church St Martin le Grand with its open arch and significant golden clock) and Lendal (where you find the Lendal Cellars). At St Helen's Square I stopped by Joe's Kitchen to eat a traditional fish and ship meal, the staff was very friendly. Originally I tried the historic Punch Bowl, a restaurant and pub with traditional interior, but I waited for very long time and noone came to serve, so I just left for the other restaurant.

Kings Square 01 Kings Square 02 Kings Square 03 Kings Square 04 Kings Square 05 Kings Square 06 Parliament Street 01 Parliament Street 02 Parliament Street 03 Stonegate 01 Stonegate 02 Stonegate 03 - Leeds Minster, Ogden Harrogate Stonegate 04 Stonegate 05 Stonegate 06 Stonegate 07 Stonegate 08 Stonegate 09 Stonegate 10 Stonegate 11 Stonegate 12 Stonegate 13 Stonegate 14 - Punchbowl Stonegate 15 - Punchbowl Low Petergate 01 Low Petergate 02 - towards Leeds Minster Low Petergate 03 Low Petergate 04 Low Petergate 05 Low Petergate 06 Low Petergate 07 Low Petergate 08 - Café Rouge Low Petergate 09 Joe's Kitchen, St Helen's Square 01 Joe's Kitchen, St Helen's Square 02 Joe's Kitchen, St Helen's Square 03 St Helen's Square 01 St Helen's Square 02 St Helen's Square 03 St Helen's Square 04 Coney Street 01 Coney Street 02 Coney Street 03 - St Martin le Grand church Castlegate, St Marys Church Lendal York and Selby Magistrates Court from Cliffords Tower