World Travel Images is a website about my travels with the emphasis on architecture and buildings, especially tall ones. In addition to the  photos from our journeys, there is a text about the buildings and the history of the places shown in the pictures. It is steadily growing and every year more then 200 000 people visit the site, and more then 8 million photos are downloaded!

The images are capturing both streetscapes, skylines, details of small buildings, palaces and skyscrapers, sky pictures from aircrafts and nature scenery.
The America section, the first section,was finished in 2003. I have since then added a lot of pictures from Europe and the website is growing, especially with pictures from the Öresund region, as I live in Malmö. The most remarkable thing about World Travel Images, that makes it differ from other travel/architecture oriented websites, is that most of the photos are followed by a short text, that tells a story about it.

Enjoy your journey!


Note that I, the founder of World TravelImages, own the copyright to almost all the photos. So if you want to buy any of my photos for commercial use, please contact me. But if you just want to hotlink to a picture at forums such as
Skyscraperpage, there is no need to ask for permission. Almost all of the pictures I have taken by myself. Unfortunately I didn´t buy the digicam that I own today until late spring 2004, so the photos from 2003 and before does not meat the standards of WTI. Some cities I have visited, as Washington DC, Baltimore, Amsterdam, Rostock and Lübeck I unfortunately don´t have any photos of at all since I didn’t start to take photos until 1998. All population figures represents city population and metro population to give an estimation of the size of the cities.

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