Bonn-Zentrum (City center)

- Bonn Münster, Münsterplatz, Marktplatz, Bonn University, Hauptbahnhof, Friedrichstrasse, Bonngasse, Sternstresse, Holy Name Church, Sterntor, Friedensplatz

The city center, Zentrum, is compact and features many well preserved historical buildings. At Münsterplatz is the Bonner Münster, a roman-catholic church and landmark of Bonn, the popular Beethoven Statue and the yellow baroque Altes Postamt (Old Post Office). The Minster is in romanesque style, 82m tall and originally from the 1000s. Marktplatz is another beautiful square with old buildings like the baroque Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall) and outdoor restaurants. There are several pedestrians streets with old buildings in Bonn, Friederichstrasse, Sternstrasse and Acherstrasse are important shopping streets. Universität Bonn (Bonn University)’s Electoral Palace is a very long yellow and black baroque palace, facing the park Hofgarten. Nietsche, Marx and Adenauer went there.

In the city center, at Bonngasse 27, you can visit Beethoven-Haus, a pink and white baroque residential building where Beethoven was born, that is now a museum about the composer. The Holy Name of Jesus Church (Namen-Jesu-Kirche, also at Bonngasse is a baroque/gothic/romanesque former Jesuit church from the 16th century. Bonn was a Roman settlement in the 1st century BC. Sterntor, near Friedensplatz, is a reconstructed part of the city wall on the remnants of the medieval city wall. The name means "star tower".

Just like many other German cities Bonn doesn’t have a subway, but a S-bahn that is a combination of trams and underground. Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) is a midsized station in the city center. The station opened in 1885 and has a neo-renaissance facade.

Bonner Münster 01 Bonner Münster 02 Bonner Münster 03 Bonner Münster 04 Bonner Münster 05 Bonner Münster 06 Bonner Münster 07 Bonner Münster 08 Bonner Münster 09 Bonner Münster 10 Bonner Münster 11 Bonner Münster 12 Bonner Münster 13 Bonner Münster 14 Bonner Münster 15 Münsterplatz 01 Münsterplatz 02 Münsterplatz 03 Münsterplatz 04 Münsterplatz 05 Münsterplatz 06 - Old Post Office, Beethoven Statue Münsterplatz 07 - Beethoven Statue Münsterplatz 08 Münsterplatz 09 - Old Post Office Münsterplatz 10 Münsterplatz 11 Münsterplatz 12 - Old Post Office, Beethoven Statue Münsterplatz 13 - Old Post Office Electoral Palace, Bonn University 1 Electoral Palace, Bonn University 2 Electoral Palace, Bonn University 3 Electoral Palace, Bonn University 4 Electoral Palace, Bonn University 5 Electoral Palace, Bonn University 6 Electoral Palace, Bonn University 7 Electoral Palace, Bonn University 8 Electoral Palace, Bonn University 9 Marktplatz 1 Marktplatz 2 -Altes Rathaus Marktplatz 3 Marktplatz 4 Marktplatz 5 Marktplatz 6 Marktplatz 7 Old Town Hall, Marktplatz Holy Name Church, Namen-Jesu-Kirche 2 Holy Name Church, Namen-Jesu-Kirche 3 Holy Name Church, Namen-Jesu-Kirche Bonn Hauptbahnhof, Central Station 1 Bonn Hauptbahnhof, Central Station 2 Bonn Hauptbahnhof, Central Station 3 Bonn Hauptbahnhof, Central Station 4 Bonn Hauptbahnhof, Central Station 5 Bonn Hauptbahnhof, Central Station 6 Bonn Hauptbahnhof, Central Station 7 Bonn Zentrum 001 Bonn Zentrum 002 Bonn Zentrum 003 Bonn Zentrum 004 - University Bonn Zentrum 006 Bonn Zentrum 009 Bonn Zentrum 024 Bonn Zentrum 025 Bonn Zentrum 026 Bonn Zentrum 027 Bonn Zentrum 028 Bonn Zentrum 029 Bonn Zentrum 030 Bonn Zentrum 031 Bonn Zentrum 032 Bonn Zentrum 033 Bonn Zentrum 034 Bonn Zentrum 035 Bonn Zentrum 037 Bonn Zentrum 038 Bonn Zentrum 039 Bonn Zentrum 040 Bonn Zentrum 041 Bonn Zentrum 048 Bonn Zentrum 049 Bonn Zentrum 050 Bonn Zentrum 051 - Schlosskirche Bonn Zentrum 062 - Sternstrasse Bonn Zentrum 066 Bonn Zentrum 067 Bonn Zentrum 068 Bonn Zentrum 069 - Friedrichstrasse Bonn Zentrum 070 - Friedrichstrasse Bonn Zentrum 071 - Friedrichstrasse Bonn Zentrum 072 - Friedrichstrasse Bonn Zentrum 073 Bonn Zentrum 074 Bonn Zentrum 075 Bonn Zentrum 076 - Friedensplatz Bonn Zentrum 077 - Friedensplatz Stadthalle (City Hall) Bonn Zentrum 079 - Trams Bonn Zentrum 080 Japanese restaurant and store Bonn Zentrum 082 Bonn Zentrum 083 Bonn Zentrum 084 - Bonnegasse Bonn Zentrum 085 Bonn Zentrum 086 Bonn Zentrum 087 Bonn Zentrum 089 - Early breakfast at café Bonn Zentrum 090 Egyptian Museum, Electoral Palace Bonn Zentrum 092 Bonn Zentrum 093 Hofgarten Hofgarten Hofgarten - Academic Art Museum Bonn Zentrum 097 - Bonn Minster Sterntor, Friedensplatz Sterntor Bonn Zentrum 111 Bonn Zentrum 112 Bonn Zentrum 113 Bonn Zentrum 114 Bonn Zentrum 115 - Malaysian restaurant, Bonnegasse Bonn Zentrum 116