Central Bratislava - outside the walls

This section is about the outer part of Staré Mesto, Novy Mesto and Ruzinov district, with other words centrally located areas that are bordering the gates of the old town. Some of them are considered a part of the old town, but is not inside the old fortifications. This area is under huge development, including skyscrapers (some have already been built). It consists of many rundown buildings, but the area will probably change a lot in the near future. It is much more trafficated and not so nice to walk as within the walls of the Old Town.

Narodna Banka Slovenska, the central bank of Slovakia, is the tallest building in Bratislava. It is 112m high, has 33 floors and was completed in 2002. One of my first sights of Bratislava after arriving by train.

Slavin War Memorial, an old Soviet soldiers monument on a high hill above a cemetary for Russian soldiers.

One of my first sights, from a pedestrian bridge, of Bratislava after arriving by train.

Stefánikova. Note the yellow very old ambulance, a remnant from the Czechoslovakian times.

Stefánikova is the road that goes from the railway station to the old town. Many of the old buildings on the road are rundown.

Stefanium. A premium office building in a modernized historical building.

A slovak police car.

This sculpture of 3 women is situated in the park behind Grassalkovich Palace, the residence of the president.

Grassalkovich Palace facing the French gardens on the backside of Grassalkovich Palace that is now a public park.

Grassalkovich Palace is the residence of Slovakia's president. The rococo/late baroque palace is situated on the square Hodzovo namestie, a major traffic hub. It was built in 1760 for Count Antal Grassalkovich a Hungarian noble. Here it is facing the globe at Hodzovo namestie.

The globe fountain and the modern office building Tatracentrum at at Hodzovo namestie. The doves of peace are engraved in its center and real doves are surrounding it.

Hodzovo namestie towards Narodna Banka, a modern glass highrise at Namestie Slobody.

Tatracentrum and Crown Plaza Hotel at Hodzovo namestie.

Modern office building at Hodzovo namestie.

Hodzovo namestie towards Michaels Gate.

A building decorated by stamps at Hodzovo namestie.

Hodzovo namestie towards Hrad.

The highway that lead to the outskirts, Petrzalka, above Novy Most, the bridge with the Ufo Tower that goes above Danube.

The square Namestie L Stura with its Soviet style monument and a tram and a trolley train. We are looking towards Danube, but can't see it because of the fence. I think that is a shame.

Closeup of the monument at Namestie L Stura. To the right is the Philharmonic concert hall.

A menacing statue threatening the pedestrian of the Danube riverbank. The river cannot be seen because of ugly fences!!!

Slovak National Museum at Vajanského nábrezie street.

Landererov palác, an extraordinary residential building in jugend style at Safárikovo namestie with an oldfashioned bus passing by.

Rush hour in Bratislava at Safárikovo namestie.

Safárikovo namestie with its cakelike buildings.

Childrens fountains at Safárikovo namestie.

A nice residential area close to the city center, in the east part of Old Town.

The Blue Church, officially named the Church of St Elisabeth (Kostel svaté Alzbety). Drawn by the famous Hungarian architect Ödön Lechner in jugend/art noveau style and built 1907-08. It is situated in a residential area in the east part of old town.

The cylindrical church tower is only 37 m tall.

The interior of the Blue Church it is also mostly blue!

An abandoned school opposite the blue church. Looks a bit spooky!

A stone monument outside the Blue Church.

Now we arrive in the more modern part of the city center. The almost cylindrical is part of a new business center under construction.

Postmodern office building.

It is always close to a Swedish furniture store.

City Businees Center I. This 25-storey highrise is part of a new business district called Mlynské Nivy.

VUB Centrala is also part of Mlynské Nivy and is standing next to the other tower. This striking modern tower was built in 1996 and has 23 floors.

City Businees Center I was completed in 2007.

VUB Centrala is 88m tall.

The so far 2 skyscrapers of Mlynské Nivy seen from an ugly back street. Note the BMW sign.

Moulin Rouge of Bratislava.

The Byzantine Catholic Church at Ulica 29 augusta.

Ulica 29 augusta.

Brandnew glass office buildings opposite rundown residential houses. Note how the lines are making a strange optical effect.

Tower 115 (formerly Presscentrum) is Slovakia's tallest building if you count the antenna (115m, 28 floors) until Panorama City is completed. It was built in 1984, but was recently recladded in a more modern style. It is however only 104m, to the roof, so it is only the second tallest building after Narodna Banka. It is situated in Ruzinov district.

The new area where the new national theater is (right) and the new Sheraton is u/c (far left).

The new Slovak National Theater. This postmodern building has been under construction for 21 years! It started in 1986, but wasn't finished until 2007 because of financial problems. There were many interuptions during the construciton process.

Details of the new postmodern theater.

Sheraton, almost finished.

The Lion statue from 1938.

The 24-storey STU building can be seen in the background.

Traffic jam.

Hrad, the historic castle seen from the Old Town.

View from Novy Most towards Apollo Most.

East part of Old Town seen from Novy Most.

The road Razusosvo nabrezie at Danube from Novy Most.


Novy Most (New Bridge) with the UFO Tower. Its length is 431m. UFO is the revolving restaurant at the top of the bridge at a height of 84m. It can be reached by an elevator in the left pillar. The bridge was built between 1967 and 1972. The tower is the only WFGT tower located on a bridge.

The central station. That is where I arrived by the train from Vienna. It is situated north of the center.