The outskirts of Bratislava

The outskirts of Bratislava a mostly consists of highrises, most in 60s commie block style, but there are also some modern office towers in glass and steel. I only saw them from the window of the train, so the quality of the pictures is not the best. The old Devin Castle, the tall Kamzik Tower and the Slavin War memorial are also located in the outskirts, in the hilly areas where the wealthy people live.

View from Bratislava Castle: The 200m tall TV tower Kamzik, that stands on a 433m high mountain that is a part of the Carpathian mountains and is Slovakia's tallest tower, has a revolving restaurant at 60m height. In front of it you can see the Slavin War Memorial, an old Soviet soldiers monument on a high hill above the cemetary for Russian soldiers.

Kamzik Tower seen from Stefanikova.

Millennium Tower II, the tallest of Millennium Towers from 2003. 100m, 23 floors. Offices of IBM. The 4th tallest buildingin Bratislava.

Millennium Towers.

Millennium Tower I, also called Polus, from 2001 is somewhat lower (19 floors). Sorry about the quality, but this is the only picture I have of it.

Modern office towers are rising next to ugly commie blocks, a renmant from the past.

Petrzalka district is just across the Danube from the old town, via Stare Most bridge, but has much of a suburbian apartment block feeling. It has 115 000 inhabitants and is the largest borough of Bratislava. The train stopped in Petrzalka to switch enginges.

The amount of commie block residential areas is huge in Bratislava.



The nature outside Bratislava

The landscape between Bratislava Vienna is mostly flat. The following pictures where taken from the train near the Slovakian border.


Sunset over Kitsee, a small town at the Slovakian border.

A field with a huge amount of wind power stations between Vienna and Bratislava, at the Austrian side.