Bratislava skyline and views

Bratislava is the one of Eastern Europe's capitals with the largest number of highrises and thus the Slovakian capital has a pretty exciting skyline. Modern smaller "skyscrapers" around 100m tall have been built since the fall of the communism. There are also modernist highrises left from the communism, both in the center and in the suburbs. Some really tall ones are under construction, the tallest is Panorama City project. In the old town there are a lot of church towers that complete the skyline. The best spot to view the skyline is the hill where the castle lies, the Slavin war memorial, or the revolving restaurants of New bridge/Ufo Tower and Kamzik Tower.


Click and scroll right>>>> A panorama of Bratislava skyline, from the left: Slovakian National Bank, Millennium Towers (in the distance), STU, St Michael's Gate, Hotel Kyjev, City Center, VUB, Tower 115, St Martin´s Cathedral.

Tower 115, St Martins Cathedral, Apollo bridge.

From the left: Hotel Kyjev, City Business Center 1and VUB Centrala, Old Town Hall in the front.

A closeup of Hotel Kyjev, City Center, VUB.

Danube and Novy Most (New Bridge) with the Ufo Tower and commie blocks in the background.

Austria wind power.

View into Austria and its power stations behind the wall.

Commie block district on the other side of Danube. In the distance you can (probably) see the horizon of Hungrary.

The 200m tall TV tower Kamzik, that stands on a 433m high mountain that is a part of the Carpathian mountains and is Slovakia's tallest tower, has a revolving restaurant at 60m height.. In front of it you can see the Slavin War Memorial, an old Soviet soldiers monument on a high hill above the cemetary for Russian soldiers.

Industrial area in the outskirts, near Hungary.


View from a bridge over the highway: St Martin's Cathedral from 1877 (85m tall), a highrise and the UFo Tower at Novy Most.

View from Novy Most (New Bridge) over Danube towards Stary Most (old bridge) and behind it Apollo Bridge. To the left is Central Business Center and VUB and in the center is Tower 115, currently Bratislava's tallest building.

Tower 115 (formerly Presscentrum) is Slovakia's tallest building if you count the antenna (115m, 28 floors) until Panorama City is completed. It was built in 1984, but was recently recladded in a more modern style. It is however only 104m, to the roof, so it is only the second tallest building after Narodna Banka. It is situated in Ruzinov district.

Narodna Banka Slovenska, the central bank of Slovakia, is the tallest building in Bratislava. It is 112m high, has 33 floors and was completed in 2002.

Skyline of North Bratislava.

Skyline of Millennium Towers in the northern outskirts.