Brighton City Center - Railway Station, Queens Road

- West Street, North Street, Clock Tower, St Paul's Church, The Chapel Royal, Grand Central, Regency Leisure Arcade

Brighton Railway station, built in 1841, is where we arrived by the train from London, one of the busiest train stations in the UK. Due to the end of Easter and football games there were huge crowds on the train, the train took 2 and a half hour from London, more then an hour extra, and half of the time there was not seat! When entering Brighton by train, you can see the rocks of Brighton.

From the station, that is right in the city center, you can walk along Queens Road towards the beach. When you reach the Clock Tower, it changes name to West Street. The Clock Tower, built in 1888 in baroque/classic style to commemorate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee, is also a monument with royal statues on the sides. It rises 23m. Along West St is also Saint Paul's Church, a stone church in gothic revival style that opened in 1848. Regency Gaming Arcade is a nice 80s style gaming arcade.

North Street is a busy shopping street close to the Lanes, where you can see many of Brighton's red and yellow double decker buses. Here you find the another clock tower, part of the red brick Chapel Royal, a 18th-century church.

Brighton Toy and Model Museum is a charming museum next to the station, that unfortunately was closed for the day.

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