Mont des Arts/Kunstberg

Mont des Arts (Kunstberg) is a hill right above Brussels Old Town, next to the Royal Palace. Here you find the beautifully landscaped square Place de L'Albertine, as well as the Museum of Music Instruments, Margritte Museum, the Royal Library and the Brussels Meeting Centre. In the 19th century King Leopold II bought the hill to turn it to an art district. Several old buildings were demolished to make way for the project, that stood empty for years because of financial problems. Mont des Arts, that means Hill of Arts, offers some of the best views of Brussels.


Mont des Arts, looking upwards towards Place Royale with the Coudenberg Church and the Old England Building with Museum of Music Instruments to the left. To the right is the Palais de Charles de Lorraine.

The large and extremely long terminal seen from the walkway to the plane.


Margritte Museum, housed in Hotel AltenlohMont des Arts towards Place Royale

Mont des Arts with its modern sculpture. Looking down towards the Old Town and Place de l'Albertine (Albertinaplein).


View towards the garden and the Old TownPainted trees in the garden of Mont des Arts, just like in Asia!

The beautiful Old England art nouveau building and Coudenberg St, where the old Coudenberg Palace stood.


Old England building that houses the Museum of Music Instruments (MIM), a museum with a collection of 8000 music instruments, that we visited.Old England Bldg was formerly a department store, built in 1899 in art nouveau (jugend) style.

The landscaped garden in the hills of Mont des Arts, right above Place de l'Albertine. There was another garden on the same site, built for the Universal Exhibition in 1910. The new one was landscaped by René Péchère. The equestrian statue that can be seen just in front of the Town Hall is King Albert I and is situated at Place de l'Albertine.

The top of the Town Hall at Grand Place with the golden spire of the archangel Michael slaying the dragon.


Brussels Central Station is situated right next, below to Mont des Arts. The tracks are built underground. The skyscrapers in the background is Sheraton and Dexia Tower. Congress Palace and Place Royale

Carillon du Mont des Arts with its 24 golden bells with historical figure above an arch at Palais de Congress, next to the Ravenstein shopping galleria. Built for the 1958 World Fair.


Square - Brussels Meeting Centre, glass cube entrance. It was built as the Palais de Congress for the 1958 World Fair.Female sculpture of Kunstberg

The Royal Library of Belgium, constructed in the 1900s.   The Royal Library of Belgium   Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België/Biblioteque Royale de Belgique



Place de l'Albertine (Albertinaplein) is a half circle shaped square right below Mont des arts. It could be said to be the beginning of the Old Town.

Place de l'Albertine   Queen Elisabeth Statue, Place de l'Albertine   Equestrian statue of King Albert I at Place de l'Albertine

Old Town,Town Hall and Basilica of the Sacred Hearts (Sacre-Coeur) seen from Mont des Arts a beautful summer evening at dusk.


Place Royale

The Town Hall and the Basilica of the Sacred Hearts seen from Mont des Arts

Place de l'Albertine (Albertinaplein) sunset with the King Albert I statue and the Town Hall in the background.


BRUSSELS CENTRAL STATION and Carrefour de l'Europe:

Brussels Central Station (Bruxelles Central/Brussel Centraal) is the main railway station of Brussels. It was completed in 1952 and is situated right next to Place de l'Albertine, below Kunstberg. Since all tracks are built underground, you will hardly notice the building is actually a railway station. It actually feels pretty small inside, this is the main hall in marble art deco.


Streets next to the Central Station

Le Méridien hotel opposite the Central Station

Central Station. Our first impressions of Brussels, after arriving from the airport.   The circular square in front of the station is called Carrefour de l'Europe (Europakruispunt). Brussels Central Station is the busiest in Belgium.   Inside one of the Belgian trains



Maria Magdalena Church   Grand Casino Brussels   There are many antique stores and art stores at Square de la Putterie



Grasmarkt (Flemish) or Marché aux Herbes (French), Herb Market, is a square between Grand Place and Place de l'Albertine where you find open air restaurants, a market, sculptures, waffel stands and the Moff Comics Museum.


Marché aux Herbes/GrasmarktThe airplanes are flying low over Brussels

There are many renaissance buildings at Marché des Harbes.


Renaissance buildings of Marché aux Herbes/Grasmarkt

Renaissance buildings at Grasmarkt. To the left is the hotel Novotel.   Hotel Carrefour de l'Europe and Chocopolis chocolate store.   The market at Marché aux Herbes

Sculptures at Grasmarkt.


Sculpture at Grasmarkt (Marché aux Herbes)Police cars at Grasmarkt



Place d'Espagne (Spanjeplein), the Spanish Square, is bordering Grasmarkt. In the far distance you can see the Town Hall. In fact it doesn't look very Spanish, rather Dutch with its old renaissance buildings.


Munk at Place d'EspagneGlass office buildings seen from the Spanish Square

Place d'Espagne (Spanjeplein) with the Don Quijote & Sancho Panza sculpture in front of the glass buildings.


Stickers with critisism towards EU and Brussels at Place d'EspagneSculpture at the Spanish Square


Rue de Marché aux Fromages near Grasmarkt.   Hilly streetscape   Hotel Mozart

Streetscape of Old Town   Grasmarkt   Christmas in June?


MOFF MUSEUM and Galerie Horta:

MOOF Comics Museum (click here) and Smurf store   MOOF Comics Museum (click here)   Galerie Horta, a partly emtpy Shopping Center next to Grasmarkt



Museum of Music Instruments (left)   Mont des Arts   Back street

The terrace of the Old England building. The building also has a rooftop café   Town Hall and Sacre-Coeur   Entrance to MIM

Music instruments of MIM   Music instruments of MIM   Art nouvau interior of MIM

Old town/City center seen from the rooftop of MIM   Music instruments of MIM   Place Royale from MIM

The old jugend elevator of Old England Bldg (MIM) is very special; it has open views to the floors and decorated doors, it's a bit shaky, almost a bit scary but fascinating.