Parc du Cinquantenaire (Jubelpark)

Jubelpark (Flemish) or Parc du Cinquantenaire (French) is a large park (30 hectares) in the East part of central Brussels, part of the European Quarter. It is situated in the City of Brussels municipality but borders Etterbeeck municipality to the East. The park was constructed in 1880, for the 50th anniversary of the independence of Belgium. The name means "park for the 50th anniversary". Many structures were constructed to show the richness of Belgium, the most prominent one is the Arch of Triumph, that is built together with the Monument of Cinquanentenaire, where you find a large car museum (Autoworld), a large military museum and a large art museum (Cinquantenaire). You can have a dinner in the sky in front of the arch. There is a also a large mosque in the park, that is Brussels oldest. Military parades, drive in movies and running games are among activities that take place in the park.

Note that there is a special section about the vintage car museum Autoworld that is situated in the park..



Parc du Cinquantenaire. The Arch of Triumph is situated in the middle of the park, built together with the Royal Military Museum, the Cinquantenaire Art Museum and the AutoWorld car museum.

Arch of Triumph, the most prominent and central structure in Parc du Cinquantenaire, was built in 1905. There is an observation deck on top, that unfortunately was closed after our visit to AutoWorld. Gédéon Bordiau originally designed it, but ed after his death in 1904, Charles Girault revised the design and added 3 triple arcades, in neoclassicist style.

Arch of Triumph, the center of Parc du Cinquantenaire, was completed in 1905.

Monument with its arch and 3 large museum arcades


Dinner in the sky and Arch of Triumph

Dinner in the sky and Arch of Triumph

Avenue John F. Kennedy (Kennedylaan) is a highway that goes right through the park in the Belliard Tunnel, but since it is situated below the ground, you will hardly notice or hear from it. However there are plans to enclose it.


Belliard Tunnel

Bronze quadriga on top of Arch of Triumph, representing Brabant raising the national flag.

Bordiau Hall, entrance to the Military Museum


Bordiau Hall

Arch of Triumph

Dinner in the sky is a restaurant were you are lifted into the sky by a high crane while having diner!   Dinner in the sky. Don't drop your glass of vine in the sky!   Dinner in the sky in front of Monument du Cinquantenaire

Dinner in the sky, here on the ground. The chairs have seatbelts.   Dinner in the sky, entrance. Brussels is not the only city with a branch of this crazy concept.    

Parc du Cinquantenaire   Parc du Cinquantenaire   Parc du Cinquantenaire

Autoworld (click here to visit)   Autoworld car museum in Jubelpark   Autoworld has 350 vintage cars.

Square Montgomery in the St.-Pieters Woluwe St.-Pierre municipality in the East end of Jubelpark


Avenue de Tervueren leads to Square Montgomery from Jubelpark.

Contrasts: Office building/sculpture




Berlaymont Building is the seat of the European Commission, built in 1969. This huge curved shape buildning was formerly a symbol of the EU in media, before the newer buildings at Place Luxembourg were constructed. From above it has the shape of an asymmetrical cross. It has an area of 240 000m² on 18 floors, 42 escalators and 12 elevators.


Le Berlaymont. Since asbestos was found in the building in the early 90s, it has been renovated. The new exterior consist of iron construction with glass panels that can be adjusted from the weather.Berlaymont has orange elements on the sides.

Office buildings, many of them EU buildings, at Schumanplein. To the right is the Berlaymont building.


Norway House

Small scale buildings near the huge Berlaymont.


Royal Military School



After leaving the park, the streets around Schumanplein were controlled by the police. The police officers prevented people to cross to Schumanplein, forcing people to walk many many blocks around just to cross one street!


Even police helicopters were controlling the area, leaving a scarry feeling of a control state in the future!

It turned out that a caravan of black luxury cars, probably with top politicans, escorted by police vehicles with sirens and blue lights in a fast speed, was the cause of the barriers.

Belview, a tall new(2014) resiential skyscraper next to a park. It is 90m and 24 floors tall.


Rue Belliard with Comité des RegionsRue Belliard/Belliard tunnel that goes underneath Jubelpark

EU:s Assembley Building of Locals and Regionales (
Comité des Regions).


Comité des Regions

Comité des Regions

Towards the European Parliament, Rue du Remorqueur


Office building, Rue Belliard

Rue Belliard

Parlamentarium, European Parliament. A sort of museum about EU for visitors.   Parlamentarium, European Parliament    

Rue Stevin/Stevinstraat near Jubelpark has many picturesque townhouses.