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Population: 206 000

Cascais-Estoril is a twin town with beaches and rocks, part of the wealthy Portugese Riviera, and within Greater Lisbon. Cascais is bigger and a bit more fashionable then Estoril (pop. 26 000) , that is mostly  known for its casino, Casino Estoril, that inspired the original James Bond novel Casino Royale from 1953. What many don't know is that Estoril is actually a part of Cascais municipality. In 1870, King Luis I of Portugal made Cascais his summer residence, attracting people of the Portugese nobility. Royal families from Spain, UK and Italy have also lived in Cascais.

In Cascais Old Town (Centro Historico), that is more small scale, there are pedestrian streets with tiled patterns and small older buildings and along the sea beautiful mansions, fashionable restaurants and luxury hotels. Condes de Castro Guimarães Palace and Museum (Torre de São Sebastião), Citadel of Cascais, Casa de Santa Maria, Saint Martha's Lighthouse, Palacete Seixas, Praia do Guincho, King Carlos I Ave and Cascais Marina are some notable sights, many of them beautiufl palaces and mansions that were designed with a mix of revivalist architectural styles, late Manueline and neo-romanticist, neo-gothic and neo-moorish. Largo de Estacao (Station Square) is a central square that we passed several times. There is also a modern bright shopping mall Cascais Villa in the center. Praiha da Rainha (Queens Beach) is a beach with rocks in central Cascais.

In Estoril, known for its entertainment, the Casino Estoril (a modern lowrise building that inspired James Bond), the Hotel Estoril Sol, a modern highrise complex that dominate the coastline and the old beautiful Palacio Hotel are notable buildings. The casino is a modern lowrise building, known for its large red neon sign, t is said to be Europe's largest casino. It is situated above square park that slopes towards the beach and the railway station, that is even smaller then the one in Cascais. Estoril is much a mix of old and historical buildings. The Horasis Global Meeting takes place in Estori. Praia de Poca and Tamariz Beach are notable beaches in Estoril. The Museum of Portugese Music is also in Estoril.

It takes only 30min with from central Lisbon, and passes other beach towns on its way. We visited Cascais very briefly, on the way to Cabo da Roca, and on the way home from this rock, that is Europe's Westernmost point. In the evening, after Cascais, we visited Estoril even more briefly, mainly the beachpart near the railway station where we had diner at a fine restaurant. Note that since the visit to Cascais and Estoril was so short, and mostly part of the trip to Cape Roca, some important places in these towns might be missing.

Cascais - Largo de Estacao Cascais - Largo de Estacao Cascais Cascais Villa Shopping Center Cascais - Estoril Sol Residence Cascais Villa Shopping Center Cascais Villa Shopping Center Cascais Villa Shopping Center Cascais Villa Shopping Center Cascais 01 Cascais 02 Cascais - Largo de Estacao Cascais - Largo de Estacao Cascais 05 Cascais 06 Cascais 07 Cascais 08 Cascais - Praia da Rainha beach Cascais - Praia da Rainha beach Cascais - Praia da Rainha beach Cascais - Praia da Rainha Cascais 13 Cascais 14 Cascais 15 Cascais 16 Cascais 17 Cascais 18 Cascais 19 Cascais 20 Cascais 21 Cascais 22 Cascais 23 Cascais 24 Cascais 25 Cascais 26 Cascais 27 Cascais 28 - Estoril Sol Residence Cascais 29 Cascais 30 Cascais 31 Cascais 32 Cascais 33 Cascais 34 Cascais 35 Cascais 36 Cascais 37 Cascais 38 Cascais 39 Cascais 40


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Population: 26 000
Part of the Cascais municipality

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