Deutz district, Hohenzollern Bridge, Koelnmesse Köln

- Fair Area, Deutz-Messe Station, Messeturm, KölnTriangle, Hyatt Regency, Lanxess Arena, Kaiser Wilhelm II Statue, Kranhäuser, Rheinauhafen

Opposite the city center from Rhine is the Deutz district, where the Köln Messe (Cologne Fair) is. Cologne is a major fair city. Koelnmesse (Cologne Trade Fair), opened in 1924, has around 80 fairs and 2000 conferences every year on space of 284,000 m2 and several large buildings. In Deutz is also the Köln Messe-Deutz train station and some tall buildings. The landmark is KölnTriangle, a 103m tall circular glass skyscraper from 2006, that has a very popular observation deck, CologneView, on the top 29th floor. Immediately at the end of Hohenzollern Bridge you find the equestrian Kaiser Wilhelm II Statue and the postmodern Hyatt Regency Cologne, a postmodern luxury hotel built in 1989. Wilhelm II was King of Prussia and the last German emperor. There is one equestrian statue, belonging to the Hohenzollern family, on each ramp of the bridge. In Deutz is also the huge and futuristic Lanxess Arena (formerly Kölnarena), the home for the hockey team Kölner Haie. It opened in 1998 and also has handball and concerts, with a capacity of 20 000 people. Messeturm (Fair Tower) is a 80m tall tower built in 1928 between the fair and the river.

Hohenzollern Bridge is the most prominent and central bridge above the Rhine, where you can walk or take the train to other side of Rhine. It was completed in 1948 and was named after the Hohenzollern family and castle. You can find four equestrian statues of Prussian kings and German emperors of the Hohenzollern family on each ramp of the bridge. Deutz Bridge and Severin Bridge are other large bridges that connect the city center with East part, that you can walk or drive through.

On the West bank of Rhine, just next to the South part of the Old Town (Alstadt-Süd), is Rheinauhafen (Rhine Harbour) where you find the three "Crane Houses", Kranhäuser, three modern 17-storey highrises buildings that resemble cranes (with a part hanging above the river promenade) to remind of the cranes that once was there. They provide offices and luxury apartments and the first "crane building" was completed in 2008.

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