Belgisches Viertel, Kölner Ringe, West Central

- Belgian Quarters, Cologne Ring, Brüsseler Platz, Rudolfplatz, Ronstrasse Synagogue, Hahnentor, Hohenzollernring, St Michael's Church

Kölner Ringe is a green Paris like boulevard that goes around the city center and changes name several times; Hohenzollern Ring, part of the Kölner Ringe is the main entertainment district of Cologne with clubs and restaurants. There are a few towers intact of the 12 that were part of the city wall, Hahnentorburg at Rudolfplatz and Hohenzollern Ring is one of them.

Ronstrasse Synagogue at Rathenauplatz is the only synogogue of Cologne's five ones that survived the Nazi era. It was partly destroyed in 1938 but was rebuilt again in 1959. It is a neo-romanesque building. The Jewish community in Köln has the longest history in Germany.

Belgisches Viertel (Belgian Quarters) in the west part of the city center is filled with hip stores, Belgian pubs and restaurants and old residential buildings. The streets have Belgian names like Brüsseler Strasse and Antwerpener Strasse and at Brüsseler Platz stands the neo-romaneque St Michael’s Church.

Hahnentor, Rudolfplatz 1 Hahnentor, Rudolfplatz 2 Hahnentor, Rudolfplatz 3 Hahnentor, Rudolfplatz 4 Hahnentor, Rudolfplatz 5 Hahnentor, Rudolfplatz 6 Hahnentor, Rudolfplatz 7 Hohenzollernring 19 Hohenzollernring 20 Hohenzollernring 21 Hohenzollernring 22 Hohenzollernring 23 Hohenzollernring 24 Hohenzollernring 25 Mediaturm Hohenstaufenring 4 Hohenstaufenring 1 Hohenstaufenring 2 Hohenstaufenring 3 Ronstrasse Synagogue 1 Ronstrasse Synagogue 2 Ronstrasse Synagogue 3 Ronstrasse Synagogue 4 West Central Köln 19 West Central Köln 20 West Central Köln 21 West Central Köln 22 West Central Köln 23 West Central Köln 24 West Central Köln 25 West Central Köln 26 West Central Köln 27 West Central Köln 28 West Central Köln 29 West Central Köln 30 West Central Köln 31 West Central Köln 32 West Central Köln 33 West Central Köln 34 Beethovenstrasse 1 Beethovenstrasse 2 Belgisches Viertel 19 Belgisches Viertel 20 Belgisches Viertel 21 Belgisches Viertel 22 Belgisches Viertel 23 - Brusseler Str Belgisches Viertel 24 Belgisches Viertel 25 - Kirche St Michael Belgisches Viertel 26 Belgisches Viertel 27 Belgisches Viertel 28 Belgisches Viertel 29 Belgisches Viertel 30 Belgisches Viertel 31 Belgisches Viertel 32