Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

This impressive museum is focused on classical Greece art, sculptures and architecture. I have visited "Glyptoteket" in Copenhagen in 2002, 2005 and 2010 and is still among the most interesting ones I have visited in the world. It is situated at Dantes Plads, right next to Tivoli in the city center and has a great architecture in itself.

The Ny Carlsberg Glyptothek features Greek marble columns and statues, one of the largest Roman art collections outside Italy, a large Egyptian collection with sculptures up to 5000 years old, an Etruscian collection, several rooms with famous paintings made by painters like van Gogh, Rodin and Gaugin, a basement with real mummies, a marble concert hall in classic style, art, architecture, paintings and sculptures from the Orient, France, Denmark and Italy, marble walls and stairs, domes and more. The Glyptotek is owned by the Carlsberg beer's foundation. It was initially a private arts collection owned by Carlsberg's founder Carl Jacobsen, but was moved to the current building in 1897. As that is not enough there is also a roof garden with great views of the city!

When you enter the Glyptothek, you arrive in a huge winter garden in historical architecture with tall palms, mosaic floors, sculptures, vaults, fountains and animals. The winter garden itself is worth the visit. From there you can enter the different divisions. In the atrium there is a restaurant and a souvenir shop. There is also a basement with well preserved mummies from Egypt that are several thousand years old! And it is free to visit the Glyptothek on Sundays! Last time I visited many of the rooms were closed for renovations, but I got back in october 2010 to make a more extensive visit.

If you just want to see a specific part, click on one of the following:

The Winter Garden

The Greek and Roman collection

The Egyptian collection

The Danish collection

The upper floor, the grand hall and the stairs to it

The basement and the Etruscian collection

The European art collection

Views from the roof terrace

The exterior of Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek.

The Winter Garden


The Greek and Roman collection - first floor

The auditorium.

The auditorium features marble columns as well as, Greek temple architecture, a glass roof and Greek human sculptures.


The Egyptian collection - first floor

Some of the sculptures of sphinxes, mysterious animals and human beings date back as far as 5000 years ago!



The Danish collection - first floor

In this hall, you can find Danish sculptures in classical style with references to the bible.

Adam and Eve.



The upper floor, the stairs to it and the grand hall

The impressive stairs to the temporary exhibition.

The temporary exhibition.


The basement and the Etruscian collection

Part of the Ishtar gate to Babylon.


The European art collection - several floors

This hall, with stairs leading to the roof terrace, is architecturally one of the most impressive parts of the museum; the marble stairway and the triangular light that slips in
through the glass roof, the vaulted wall and the marble wall!

Much of the European art comes from France and Italy.

A van Gogh painting.


The views from the roof terrace of the Glyptothek

Copenhagen panorama from the left: Pyramid of the Glyptothek, Tivoli tower, Radisson Hotel, Tivoli roller coaster, Tivoli drop tower, City Hall, the cathedral,
the Glyptothek's dome and St Nicolai Church.

This pyramid with the sculpture on top is part of the Glyptotek.

Tivoli skyline.

Tivoli roller coaster.

Tivoli and the city hall.

The City hall and the dome of the Glyptothek.

Here also with Christiansborg castle in the background and people in the front.

Modern office buildings in the harbour.

City Hall, a tower next to city hall and the Dom cathedral.

Frederiks kirke (Marble church), Nikolai kirke and Christiansborg slot.

Frederiksberg, the neighbouring suburb of Copenhagen, with Domus Vista (Denmark's tallest residential building) and the Zoo Tower.

Tivoli skyline, including Radisson and the City Hall.


Website: http://www.glyptoteket.dk