This page is about the harbour areas in Kobenhavn (that literally means "buy a harbour"). The first part is about the old harbour Nyhavn (that confusingly means "new harbour") and the second part is about Holmen on the other side of the canal were you come to when you arrive by ferry. The last part is about the new harbour district were a new commercial district is expanding fast.


Nyhavn is a very popular and famous entertainment district with many pubs in the old harbour.

Nyhavn literally means "new harbour" in English despite it is the old harbour! It is close to Kongens Nytorv and downtown.

Nyhavn is crowded summertime, and warm autumn days like this October day.

Det Kongelige Teater Skuespilhus (The Royal Theater's Actor Building) near Nyhavn was drawn by Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter, and completed in 2007.



The port of Nyhavn and the new Royal Theater building (right)

Nice old boats can be seen in Nyhavn, like this fire ship.

The tour boat starts in Nyhavn.

Det Kongelige Teater Skuespilhus   A new bridge u/c near Nyhavn   HC Andersen's new home in Nyhavn

Det Kongelige Teater Skuespilhus   A new bridge u/c near Nyhavn   HC Andersen's new home in Nyhavn

  Nyhavn   Nyhavn

The Opera House was completed as late as in 2005 (here seen from the canal boat). It was financed by Maersk. It is situated right opposite Amalienborg Castle.

Operaen, the new opera house is situated right next to the water in the port.


The opera seen from the boatThe opera seen from the Amalienborg Castle

Havnestad, the new harbour area, and Fisketorvet

View over the new harbour area, called Havnestad, with the office building Islands Brygge (16 floors) in the center. Just southeast of downtown, this commercial harbour area have been compared to London's Docklands. Many office buildings have been constructed here during the latest years.

More modern office buildings in the harbour area.

Havnestad harbour area with the new curvy bathing bridge, from which you people jump into the water!

Details, the new bathing bridge.

Danhostel highrise, Black Diamond library building and a new glass cupola, seen from the bridge to Christianshavn.

Marriott Hotel and Nykredit bank.

Sculptures along the port (between Nykredit and Marriott).


"Den Sorte Diamant" (The Black Diamond) is the nick name of the large modern extention of the Royal Danish Library of Copenhagen. The old part wing is the red brick building to the left of it, and the modern black glass box is integrated into this part. The modern building was completed in 1999 on the waterfront of Slotsholmen.


Den Sorte Diamant, Royal Danish Library

Den Sorte Diamant, Royal Danish Library

The library building of "The Black Diamond" is very cool and features a futuristic atrium with escalators, glass walls and skybridges.

Enjoy the reflections, the mirroring light and the skybridge!

"Den Sorte Diamant".

Ericsson's Danish HQ.

A somewhat different walkway.

The industrial face of Copenhagen as seen from Fisketorvet. Energie 2 with the powerplant to the right in the distance.

Fisketorvet mall was Denmark's largest mall upon completion in 2000, but was beaten in size
when Field's opened. Fisketorvet is situated just a few blocks south of downtown and contains
more than 120 stores plus 2 large supermarkets. Fisketorvet is the glass building to the right.

Inside Fisketorvet:

There is a glass pyramid atop the largest atrium. There is also a waterfall and an aquarium.

An elevator at the other atrium of Fisketorvet.

If you take the elevator up in the pyramid atrium, you come to the roof of Fisketorvet. From it's parking lot there are nice views over Copenhagen.

The new Nykredit bank.

Nykredit Bank

SEB:s Copenhagen headquarters (this is a large Swedish bank).

Copenhagen Marriott Hotel at Kalvebod Brygge, 5-star hotel with 402 rooms, built in 2001.

Inside Kalvebrygge 6, an ultramodern black office building from 2001. If features hanging meeting rooms, and now also hosts Nykredit bank's headquarters.

Looking to the west and downtown, these tiny old houses are situated right next to the modern harbour. Note the town hall to the left.