Ishøj is an outer suburb far west of Copenhagen's center, famous for the modern art museum Arken. It is very segregated with commie blocks at the
center were mostly immigrants live, near a large shopping mall in the center of the suburb. A tunnel goes under a large road and there, closer to the
sea, is mostly villas where wealthy Danes live.

Arken is a spectacular modern art museum, with an architecture that has become famous because it is designed to remind of a ship. We were lucky to see the exhibitions
for free because we arrived just before closing time. Unfortunately it is not allowed to take photos inside, a real pitty.

The small boat harbour of Ishøj.

Fields next to Arken. It was starting to rain heavily after our visit.

A park in Ishøj center, next to the big mall.


Brøndby, a suburb between Ishøj and central Copenhagen, with many highrises in different colours.