Deira is situated just to the North and East of Bur Dubai (old town) and is the old financial center. It was the most modern part of Dubai until projects like New Downtown, Sheikh Zayed Road and Dubai Marina were released in the late 90s/2000s. Today the skyline seems really small compared to the newer parts in the south, but as late as in the 1990s, this was the only modern skyline of Dubai, and some of the buildings were really considered futuristic.

In Deira there is also a really old part with several souks (markets), such as the gold souk, the spice souk and the golden souk, mosques and the Deira Shopping center (Dubai's most popular mall) etc. You also find several international luxury hotels here. Port Saeed, part of Deira, holds the dhows (old fashioned cruise boats), abras (water taxis) and small shipping boats. The National Bank of Dubai, The Clock Tower and the Maktoum Bridge are among the landmarks in Deira.

We never visited Deira actually, we only saw it from across the creek, from the waterside of Bur Dubai and Al Shindagha. Originally we planned to go to Deira, but since there was so much to see in Bur Dubai, that took the whole day. Anyway, the best view of Deira is from afar.



Deira skyline and Dubai Creek (Al Khor) seen from Bur Dubai. It might not look much today, but this was the picture that were used in the 1990s to market Dubai i travel catalogues, before the large construction boom. The tallest building, with the convex glass facade, is the National Bank of Dubai from 1998, designed by Carlos Ott (125m, 25 floors). The blue glass building is the Chamber of Commerce from 1995, only 18 floors. The white building with the triangular shape is the Sheraton Deira Hotel, built already in 1978, the first futuristic building of Dubai. Right above it is Dubai Creek Tower from 1995 and the building is the huge golf ball on top is the Etisalat Building (all of Etisalat, the national telecom company's buildings have golf balls on top) from 1992. Old abras (water taxis) and dhows (wooden cruise ships) can be seen on the creek.

Deira skyline from the left: Arbift Tower (1982), Etisalat Tower 1, Dubai Creek Tower, Sheraton Deira, National Bank of Dubai (Deira's tallest), Chamber of Commerce. The skyscrapers are located in the Eastern part, while the Western part is more old.

Sheraton, National Bank of Dubai, Chamber of Commerce   National Bank of Dubai by Carlos Ott was inspired by the shape of dhows.   Etisalat Tower 1 with its golf ball

National Bank of Dubai   Deira creekside   Deira creekside

Chamber of Commerce   Deira creekside with its wooden boats   The new D1 Tower in the far Eastern outskirts


Bank buildings of Deira.


Emirates NBD:s golden glass facade

Twin Towers (right, 102m) from 1998 and Deira Tower, the one with revolving restaurant

Bank buildings in Deira's financial district   Dubai Creek, Deira skyline and dhows at Bur Dubai   Bur Dubai, Bastakiya, Deira and Dubai Creek seen from Shindagha
Deira's modern bank buildings and Dubai Creek seen from Bur Dubai. The building with the revolving rooftop is Deira Tower from 1980.

An abra, water taxi, that goes across Dubai Creek to the Deira side. These boats are really small, old and built in wood. The building on Baniyas Rd looks interesting.


An abra filled with commuting locals

Wonder bus, a tour bus for tourists that goes on both water and land!

Twin Towers (right, 102m) from 1998 are among Dubai's first skyscrapers, not very tall today though

Hyatt Regency on Deira, seen from Al Shindagha. This hotel has revolving rooftop restaurant. In front of it is the famous fishing market


Deira and a plane approaching Dubai Airport

Hyatt Regency

Deira abra stations and Dubai Creek


Dubai Creek and Deira

A mosque, a plane and a bird!

Dhow at Dubai Creek   Deira and popular restaurant at Dubai Creek   St George Hotel, Deira

Dubai Creek and Deira   Shindagha and Dubai Creek   Shindagha, Deira and Dubai Creek