Palm Island Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is an artificial archipelago with a shape of a palm, when seen from above, created by Nakheel. It is the only one of 3 palm islands that had been completed at the time of our visit (2014). Palm Jumeirah is the world's largest ariticial island and is filled with many luxury private villas, luxury apartments buildings, resort hotels, a water park, beaches, marinas, restaurants and a small airport. The private villas and some of the hotels are situated on the 16 fronds (palm blades), while the apartment buildings are situated along the boulevard in the middle. In the middle of the boulevard, there is an elevated, computer driven, driverless monorail train with stunning views of Dubai! In the end of this boulevard, the most famous structure of Palm Island is situated; the Atlantis resort, one of only two luxury hotels with this name, themed around the sea (the other one is on Bahamas). Surrounding the palm islands there is a crescent island with 14 themed resort hotels (like Atlantis, Fairmont, Trump, Waldorf Astoria and Kempinski). Celebrities like David Beckham and Brad Pitt own mansions on the island. Construction was started in 2001 and the first inhabitants moved there in 2006. There were a controversy about the island, since Nakheel extended the residences from 2000 to 4500, increasing the cost a lot, and there are rumours that the island is sinking.

The other two palm islands are under construction on Deira, near the shore of the old city center, and Jebel Ali, a suburb in the South. In 2014, the construction hadn't went very far. A group of islands, called The World and has the shape of a world map, is also under construction, but has been halted.


The Atlantis Resort Hotel and Aquaventure Beach seen from the elevated train. The Atlantis, built in 2008 as the first resort on the island, is a copy of Atlantis on Bahamas. It is based on the theme of Atlantis, there is an underwater aquarium, 20 restaurants, and a waterpark inside.

Atlantis, highway tunnel and elevated train



Atlantis, highwayand elevated train

Atlantis Hotel





Atlantis Hotel

The hilly boulevard of Palm Jumeirah is situated in the middle of the palm blades. It is filled with luxury apartment buildings in light colurs.



The Boulevard of Palm Jumeirah

The Boulevard of Palm Jumeirah

The Atlantis Resort Hotel with aqua theme park

Luxury residentials, Palm Island   Luxury residentials, Palm Island
  Mosque under construction and Atlantis



Crescent Road   Shoreline, the Crescent
  Shoreline, the Crescent

Crescent Road   Crescent Road; this crosswalk ends at a slope with no pavement!
  Atlantis Waterpark pyramid

Roundabout, Crescent Road   Crescent Road
  Shadow of a palm on Palm Island



The monorail train from Palm Jumeirah to the mainland of Dubai is driverless, elevated and has amazing views of Dubai! It is the first monorail in the Middle East.



Aquaventure Beach at Atlantis

Aquaventure Beach and resort hotels along the Crescent

The monorail to the mainland   Atlantis Waterpark

The Atlantis   The Atlantis, parking

The skyline from Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lakes Towers   Private residences of Palm Jumeirah
  Private residences of Palm Jumeirah

The skyline from Dubai Marina  

New apartment bldgs and hotels u/c  
  Front seat of the driverless monorail

The monorail train from Palm Jumeirah to the mainland; views of Media City


The monorail

Dubai Marina skyline

New Downtown with Burj Khalifa, Business Bay, Jumeirah Beach and Burj Al front is Palm Island

Dubai Marina skyilne seen from the train to Palm Island

Dubai Marina skyilne, Media City and Marina Beach seen from the train to Palm Island, and one of the futuristic shuttle boats

Jumeirah Beach with Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel, and part of Palm Island.


VIEW OF PALM ISLAND seen from Marina Beach:

Part of Palm Jumeirah Island seen from Marina Beach


Palm Jumeirah Island (the Crescent)

Palm Jumeirah Island (the Crescent)