Al Shindagha

Al Shindagha is the oldest part of Dubai (together with Al Bastakiya), established in the 1830s. This peninsual is situated on the Northwest shore of Dubai Creek, and borders Bur Dubai. This is where many South Asian workers live. This neighbourhood has more in common with Cairo or Tunis, or even India, then with the modern part of Dubai and western cities. Here you can find the Heritage Village, a historical area with refurbished old resiential houses in Middle Eastern style -built in sandstone and clay, and arrangements, museums and installations that show life before oil -including camels and bedouins, when Dubai was a fishing village. You can also find the historical areas Fishing Village and Diving Village here. Al Shindagha is also where you find the home of the older relatives of the Al Maktoum ruling family, like Sheikh Zayed. Here you also have a nice view of Deira, Bur Dubai and the new skyline in the far distance. The busy Shindagha tunnel connects the old part with Deira under the creek.


Al Ghubaiba, a park in Shindagha next to Bur Dubai, popular for relaxing. The historic looking wind towers are actually entrances to the Al Ghubaiba metro station.

Al Ghubaiba park   Al Ghubaiba park   Al Ghubaiba park

Al Ghubaiba park   Al Ghubaiba park    

Al Shandagah Watch Tower   Al Shandagah Watch Tower   Al Ghubaiba metro station.

The harbour for cruise ships   Dubai International Airport is close to the old part of Dubai   Dubai Creek next to Heritage Village



The Heritage Village was created in 1997 to display the traditional life in the UAE. It represent the wild, marine and mountain life. This is also where you find the old home of Sheikh Zayed Al Maktoum. It is owned by Dubai Culture & Arts Authority and is an important tourists attraction to visit to understand the history of Dubai. We visited on a Friday (holiday in the UAE), so there wasn't many tourists as the moment. Many cultural actiivites are held in the Heritage Vilage, such as song and dance.

Barjeel Guesthouse, Heritage Village. These refurbished historic buildings in typical Arabian style were built of sand and clay.

Heritage Village seen from Dubai Creek.

Traditional Architecture House   Traditional Architecture Museum   Heritage Village, Dubai Creek and Deira

Sheikh Juma Al-Maktoum House, former home of members of the Al Maktoum family, now museum.


Sheikh Juma Al-Maktoum House, built 1928, renovated 2002

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House, former residence of Sheikh Saeed. When the sheikh died in 1958, the family moved from the area.   Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House is now a museum of historical photographs and document   Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House. After the refurbishment of this house, the whole are was refurbished.

Exhibition building in traditional style. These buildings were built of sand and clay.


Contrasts: New Downtown and Shidagha

Bur Dubai, part of Shindagha and Heritage Village with the new Downtown and Burj Khalifa in the background!

Desert Zone - an artificial desert in a city built in a real desert!   Desert Zone   Bedouin houses, Desert Zone

Desert Zone, Heritage Village   Camels, Desert Zone   Camel, Desert Zone

Cattle, Desert Zone   Al Sadu handicraft   Bedouin tent
Bedouin tent, Desert Zone, Heritage Village

Kan Zaman, a Heritage Village restaurant were we had a drink and a small Lebanese meal   Kan Zaman   Kan Zaman, this restaurant has traditional food

The promenade next to the creek   Camel Museum   These skybridges and courtyards are typical for the old windmill houses

Al Fardah Museum   Al Fardah Museum   Merchants of the past, Al Fardah Museum



These small villages show the lifestyle of fishing and diving, the way to make business before oil   Diving Village   Old ship, Fishing Village

Old ship, Fishing Village   Diving Village   Fishing Village



Contrasts: Bur Dubai and Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building   Bur Dubai, Deira and the Creek   Al Shindagha water taxi station and Deira
Deira, Bastakiya and Bur Dubai seen from Al Shindagha, popular for relaxing. The dominating towers in the picture are Bastakiya Mosque, National Bank of Dubai and Juma Grand Mosque.