Duisburg skyline and landmarks

- Fernmeldeturm, Hoist Haus, Targo Bank, Landesarchiv, Rathaus, Salvatorkirche, Schwanentorbrücke

Duisburg is a heavily industrialised city, the tallest structure is a 300m high chimney, STEAG Kraftwerk Walsum. The tallest highrises are around 70m and 20 floors and some are right in the city cennter near the station; Hoist Haus (a glass highrise), TargoBank (formerly Citybank) and the 21-storey residential buildings on Ottostrasse. Fernmeldeturm Duisburg is a 121m tall TV tower. Around the city center there are several modern tall office highrises, about 17-20 floors. The tallest historical buildigns are Rathaus (Town Hall) in renaissance style and the gothic church Salvatorkirche.

Fernmeldeturm Duisburg Königstrasse 01 Duisburg station area 05 - Hoist Haus Königstrasse 24 Rathaus (Town Hall) and Salvatorkirche (Church of Our Saviour) 01 Rathaus (Town Hall) and Salvatorkirche (Church of Our Saviour) 04 Theater Duisburg 2 Duisburg Hauptbahnhof 7 Königstrasse 12 - Forum shopping galleria Königstrasse 16 Duisburg Innenhafen 03 Duisburg Innenhafen 04 - Schwanentorbrücke Duisburg Innenhafen 07 - Landesarchiv Nordrhein-Westfalen Duisburg Innenhafen 08 - Schwanentorbrücke Duisburg Innenhafen 09 Duisburg Innenhafen 14 - Landesarchiv Nordrhein-Westfalen Duisburg Innenhafen 19 Duisburg Innenhafen 22 - Five Boats office complex, Duisburg station area 02 Duisburg station area 03 Duisburg station area 07 Duisburg station area 09 Duisburg station area 13 - Hoist Haus Duisburg station area 18 - Hoist Haus