City center, Graf-Adolf-Platz, Ständehaus Park
- Deutsche Oper, K20, Graf Adolf Platz, S bahn, Willem-Marx-Haus, Tonhalle, The Wellem, St Andreas Kirche

Tonhalle, the Concert Hall, is a red circular brick building with a coppar dome roof.
Deutsche Oper am Rhein is a opera building, with a quite ordinary façade. (It’s counterpart in Duisburg is more beautiful even though Düsseldorf is a more beautiful city.) Tonhalle, the Concert Hall, is a red circular brick building from 1926 with a coppar dome roof.
At Grabbeplatz, you find the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, a modernist art exhibition, and K2, a futuristic curved black glass building that houses part of North Rhine-Westphalia’s art exhibition, and has a white futuristic interior with parts where people can hang from the roof! The famous Königsallee ends at Graf-Adolf-Platz, where you find two tall glass skyscrapers; GAP15 (Graf-Adolf-Platz 15) from 2005 and Landesversicherungsanstalt from 1976, a 29-storey modernist building that with it's 123m is only one m shorter then the city's tallest highrise (ARAG Tower).

Ständehaus Park is one of the major parks in the city center, with views towards tall buildings. K21 Ständehaus art exhibtion is situated here.

Graf-Adolf-Platz 15 Landesversicherungsanstalt Graf-Adolf-Platz 3 Graf-Adolf-Platz 15 Graf-Adolf-Platz 5 Graf-Adolf-Platz 6 Landesversicherungsanstalt 1 Landesversicherungsanstalt 2 Landesversicherungsanstalt 3 Landesversicherungsanstalt 4 Landesversicherungsanstalt 5 Landesversicherungsanstalt 6 St Andreas Church Ständehaus Park  1 Ständehaus Park  2 Ständehaus Park  3 Ständehaus Park  4 Ständehaus Park  5 Ständehaus Park  6 Ständehaus Park  7 Ständehaus Park  8 The Wellem Hyatt Hotel The Wellem Tonhalle Tonhalle2 Wilhelm-Marx-Haus 1 Wilhelm-Marx-Haus 2 Deutsche Oper am Rhein 1 Deutsche Oper am Rhein 2 Hotel de Medici, Rolls-Rocye Hotel de Medici, St Andreas Kirche Hotel de Medici K20 1 K20 2 K20 3 Kunstverein 1 Kunstverein 2 Kunstverein 3 Dusseldorf 140 Dusseldorf 141 Dusseldorf 142 Dusseldorf 143 Dusseldorf 149 Dusseldorf 315 Dusseldorf 316 Dusseldorf 345 Dusseldorf 346 Dusseldorf 347 Königsallee Dusseldorf 349 Dusseldorf 352 Dusseldorf 471 Kö-Bogen Dusseldorf 474 Dusseldorf 475 Dusseldorf 493 Dusseldorf S-bahn station