Gustaf-Gründgens Platz

- City center, Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz, Dreischeibenhaus, Schauspielhaus, Johanneskirche, Kö-Bogen II, P&C

There is a very modern area that reminds a bit of Tokyo at Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz; Here you find the sharp and tall Dreischeibenhaus highrise from 1960, a sharp path where you can walk upwards, the Kö-Bogen, brand new postmodern/deconstructivist buildings with offices and stores designed by Daniel Liebeskind, Kö-Bogen II that is a completely green angular building and the Schauspielhaus, a curved white theater building with an interesting architecture. It was completed in 1970, but it looks very modern. Peek & Cloppenburg has a modrenlarge clothes department store at the square, that opened in 2001, 100 years after P&C opened their first store ever, in Düsseldorf. The square is also a hub for trams. At nearby Martin-Luther-Platz is the old protestant Johanneskirche (St John’s Church) in Romanesque revival style.

Dreischeibenhaus 1 Dreischeibenhaus 2 Dreischeibenhaus 3 Dreischeibenhaus 4 Dreischeibenhaus 5 Victoria Tower Schauspielhaus 1 Schauspielhaus 2 Schauspielhaus 3 Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 01 Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 02 Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 03 - Thyssenhaus Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 04 - Stadsparkasse Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 05 Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 06 - Landeszentralbank Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 07 Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 08 - Peek und Cloppenburg Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 09 Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 10 Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 11 Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 12 Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 13 Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 14 Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 15 Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 16 Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 17 - Peek und Cloppenburg Johanneskirche 1 Johanneskirche 2 Johanneskirche 3 Kö-Bogen II 1 Kö-Bogen II 2 Kö-Bogen II 3