- Corneliusplatz, Tritonenbrunnen, Kö-Bogen, Schadowarkaden, Sevens, Kö-Galerie, Galeria Kaufhof an der Kö, Steigenberger Parkhotel, Gucci, Cartier, Emporio Armani, Burberry, Chanel, Kö

Königsallee (King's Avenue), or just "the Kö", is a 1km long fashionable boulevard with a canal in the middle, completed in the early 19th century. Tritonnenbrunnen has interesting sculptures at the beginning of the canal. Düsseldorf is Germany's most prominent fashion city and "the Kö" is known for its expensive stores, like Gucci, Cartier, Emporio Armani, Chanel, Burberry, Porsche, Prada, Calvin Klein etc, and as a center for fashion. It is one of Germany's busiest upscale shopping boulevards.. It starts at Corneliuplatz, known for it's old beautiful fountain Schalenbrunnen and ends at Graf-Adolf-Platz, where you find two tall glass skyscrapers (GAP15 from 2005 and Landesversicherungsanstalt from 1976). Along Königsallee you also find posh shopping gallerias as Sevens, KÖ-Galerie and Schadow-Arkaden. Galeria Kaufhof department store is also there in a beautiful art deco building, as well as the luxorious hotels Steigenberger Parkhotel, InterContinentaland Breidenbacher Hof. North of the Königsallee, at Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz and the green Hofgarten, is the Kö-Bogen, brand new postmodern/deconstructivist buildings with offices and stores designed by Daniel Liebeskind and Kö-Bogen II that is a completely green angular building.

Corneliusplatz 1 Corneliusplatz 2 Galeria Kaufhof 1 Galeria Kaufhof 2 Steigenberger Parkhotel Kö-Bogen 1 Kö-Bogen 2 Kö-Bogen 3 Kö-Bogen 4 Königsallee 01 Königsallee 02 Königsallee 07 Königsallee 08 Königsallee 09 - Steigenberger Parkhotel Königsallee 11 - Galeria Kaufhof Königsallee 15 Königsallee 16 Königsallee 22 Königsallee 23 Königsallee 24 - Tritonenbrunnen Königsallee 25 - Tritonenbrunnen Königsallee 26 Königsallee 27 - Tritonenbrunnen Königsallee 28 Königsallee 29 Königsallee 30 Königsallee 31 Königsallee 32 Königsallee 33 Königsallee 35 Konigsallee_4K_1_Cartier Konigsallee_4K_2_Gucci Konigsallee_4K_3 Konigsallee_4K_4 Konigsallee_4K_5 Konigsallee_4K_6 Konigsallee_4K_7 Konigsallee_4K_8 Sevens shopping galleria, Königsallee Kö_Galerie, Königsallee Kö_Galerie, Königsallee Kö_Galerie, Königsallee Schadow-Arkaden 1 Schadow-Arkaden 2 Schadow-Arkaden 3 Schadow-Arkaden 4 Graf-Adolf-Platz