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Before the 90s, the Autobahn went right through the city, next to river, but was replaced by a tunnel and the pleasant Rheinuferpromenade was created. Between the promenade and the highway is KIT, an underground modern art gallery.Tthe city has it’s Old Town, Altstadt, that ends at Rheinuferpromenade, facing Rhine. Here you find the tall protestant church St. Lambertus with its twisted roof. Kirche St. Lambertus is possibly the city’s oldest building and a landmark, dated back to 1159. The style is gothic/romanesque. It is next to Burgplatz, a square that is facing the river, where you also find the white Schlossturm (Castle Tower). There is also a clock tower.

Large and tall bridges take traffic over Rhine; Rheinbrücke Flehe from 1979 (2nd tallest structure in the city, 145m tall), Oberkasseler Rheinbrücke from 1973 and Rheinkniebrücke from 1969.

From Altstadt, the Rheinuferpromenade along the Rhine takes you to Rheinturm (Rhine Tower), the tallest structure in the city (241m) and a symbol of Düsseldorf. It was completed in 1981. Here you can take the elevator and visit the amazing indoor observation deck with sloping windows and 360 degree views over the city. It has a bar and café. On a clear day you can see Cologne! Victoria Hochhaus and Vodafone Hochhaus are skyscrapers along the Rhine promenade, and Tonhalle, the concert hall with it's green coppar dome, is North of it.

Rheinuferpromenade 44 - Rhine Tower, Rheinknie Bridge Rheinuferpromenade 09 Rheinuferpromenade 46 Rheinturm and its views 40 Oberkasselerbrücke Rheinkniebrücke 1 Rheinkniebrücke 2 Rheinturm 1 Rheinturm 2 Rheinturm 3 Rheinturm 4 Rheinturm 5 Rheinturm 6 Rheinturm 7 Rheinturm 8 Rheinturm 9 Burgplatz 10 - Schlossturm Kirche St Lambertus 1 Kirche St Lambertus 2 Kirche St Lambertus 3 Kirche St Lambertus 4 Kirche St Lambertus 5 Kirche St Lambertus 6 Kirche St Lambertus 7 KIT 01 KIT 02 KIT 03 KIT 04 KIT 05 KIT 06 KIT 07 KIT 08 KIT 09 KIT 10 KIT 11 KIT 12 Rheinturm, Rhine Tower, base Rheinuferpromenade 01 Rheinuferpromenade 02 Rheinuferpromenade 03 Rheinuferpromenade 04 Rheinuferpromenade 06 - Vodafone Hochhaus Rheinuferpromenade 07 Rheinuferpromenade 25 - Stadttor Rheinuferpromenade 30 Rheinuferpromenade 33 Rheinuferpromenade 42 Rheinuferpromenade 43 Rheinuferpromenade 50 Rheinuferpromenade 51 Rheinuferpromenade 52 Rheinuferpromenade 53 Rheinuferpromenade 55 Rheinuferpromenade 56 Rheinuferpromenade 62 - Tonhalle, Victoria-Haus Rheinuferpromenade 63 Rheinuferpromenade 64 Rheinuferpromenade 67 Rheinuferpromenade 68 Rheinuferpromenade 69 Stadttor 1 Stadttor 2 Burgplatz 02 Burgplatz 03 - Schlossturm Burgplatz 04 - Schlossturm Burgplatz 05 Burgplatz 06 Burgplatz 07 Burgplatz 08 - St Lambertus Church Burgplatz 09