Düsseldorf skyline

- Altstadt, Medienhafen, Rheinknie Bridge, River Rhine, Rheinturm, Landtag, Rheinuferpromenade, ARAG Tower, Neues Zollhof, Dreischeibenhaus, Kö-bogen, Graf-Adolf-Platz, Landesversicherugnsanstalt

Düsseldorf has a lot of modern architecture, art museums and highrises but also historical buildings. The city has many banks, insurance companies and an active stock exchange. Düsseldorf is one of the city's in Germany that has the largest number of tall buildings. On top of that it has Rheinturm (Rhine Tower), a really tall TV tower (241m) and a symbol of Düsseldorf, completed in 1981, and three large and tall bridges (114-145 m, Rheinkniebrücke from 1979 is the tallest) above the River Rhine. In the East part of the city you find the city's tallest building, ARAG Tower. It is 124m tall, has 32 floors and was built in 2000. The skyscraper is curved and is the head office of the ARAG insurance company, that also has other buildings in the area, but it is the only highrise in the neighbourhood. In the East part you also find Toulouser Allee, that has new highrise hotels. At Graf-Adolf-Platz in the end of Köngisallee, you find the GAP15 from 2005 and Landesversicherungsanstalt from 1976, that is the city's 2nd tallest skyscraper at 123m and 29 floors. Along the Rheinuferpromenade is the Victoria-Hochhaus (ERGO Tower) and the Vodafone Hochhaus. Near Little Tokyo and the station is Stadtsparkasse and Landzentralbank, so many banks and insurance companies have tall buildings. Dreischeibenhaus (Thyssenhaus) is a sleak, long highrise at Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz, that is an ultramodern central square. Basilica St. Lambertus, facing Rhine and Rheinuferpromenade, is both the tallest church and the city's oldest building. Next to it is the Schlossturm, the Castle Tower.

In Medienhafen, a modern post-industrial commerical harbour area, you find several new highrises; SIGN, Colorium and Hyatt Regency. Here is also Frank Gehry's Neues Zollhof, three apartment buildings only 15 floors tall but significant for their sloping shapes in silver, red and white, and facing the harbour. Stadttor is a parallelogram shaped office building with a 15-storey atrium, built in 1998.

Wilhelm-Marx-Haus, known for it’s “Pensil” advertisement on top, is Germany’s oldest highrise (57m, built in 1922) and is in the city center.

Rheinuferpromenade 44 - Rhine Tower, Rheinknie Bridge, Medienhafen Rheinturm (Rhine Tower) Dreischeibenhaus 1 Graf-Adolf-Platz - SkyOffice Landesversicherungsanstalt Graf-Adolf-Platz 3 Rhine Tower Graf-Adolf-Platz Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 03 Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 07 Dreischeibenhaus, Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 10 Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 11 Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz 13 Kö-Bogen 4 Kö-Bogen II 3 Königsallee 07 Landesversicherungsanstalt 1 Landesversicherungsanstalt 2 Stadtsparkasse Landeszentralbank, Little Tokyo Landeszentralbank Little Tokyo, Immermannstrasse 23 Marienkirche Little Tokyo, Immermannstrasse 50 Mediahafen 01 Mediahafen 02 Mediahafen 03 Mediahafen 07 - Neues Zollhof Mediahafen 11 - Neues Zollhof Mediahafen 12- Neues Zollhof Mediahafen 13- Neues Zollhof, Rheinturm Mediahafen 15- Neues Zollhof Mediahafen 26 Mediahafen 27 - Hyatt Regency Mediahafen 28 Mediahafen 29 Mediahafen 30 Mediahafen 32 - Colorium Mediahafen 34 Mediahafen 35 Mediahafen 36 Mediahafen 38 Mediahafen 40 Mediahafen 41 Mediahafen 42 Mediahafen 52 Mediahafen 55 Mediahafen 57 Mediahafen 58 - SIGN Mediahafen 59 Mediahafen 63 Mediahafen 65 Rheinkniebrücke 1 Rheinturm 5 Rheinturm and its views 15 Rheinuferpromenade 01 Rheinuferpromenade 04 Vodafone-Hochhaus, Rheinuferpromenade Rheinuferpromenade 09 Rheinuferpromenade 25 - Stadttor Rheinuferpromenade 50 Rheinuferpromenade 51 Rheinuferpromenade 55 Rheinuferpromenade 62 Schauspielhaus 2 Stadttor 1 Ständehaus Park  1 Ständehaus Park  2 Ständehaus Park  4 Ständehaus Park  8 Toulouser Allee 1 Toulouser Allee 2 ARAG, East Düsseldorf 04 ARAG Tower ARAG Tower ARAG Tower Burgplatz 02 Burgplatz 07 - St Lambertus Church, Schlossturm Burgplatz 09