Tazumal, Chalchuapa

- Santa Ana department

Tazumal is a pre-Columbian archeological site with ancient Mayan ruins in the small townChalchuapa, near Santa Ana. The most siginificant structure is a pyramid. Compared to the Mayan pyramids in Mexico and Guatemala it might not look impressive, but still interesting enough, especially for western tourists who never experienced Maya culture before. This earliest artifacts from this ancient Mayan village is from the 8th century AD, but its history and age remains unsure.

Just before the early classic period, the construction of Tazumal was interrupted by the erupted Ilopango volcano. Around 250-600 construction resumed, and until year 900 AD, Tazumal was an important ceremonial complex. The Tazumal complex was excavated and restored by archaeologist Stanley Boggs in the 1940s and 50s. All the buildings in the complex face west. It features a Mesoamerican ballcourt and many burials. The site has links to Chichen Itza and Tula in Mexico and Kaminaljuyu in Guatemala.

There is also a small museum about Mayan culture, in a separate building, with displays of Mayan sculptures and other belongings. Unfortunately the informationis only in Spanish, and it doesn't tell much about the history, only about the current site.

Chalchuapa (population 72 000) is a small neglect town where the Tazumal is situated, as well as 4 other ceremonial centers. It feels more like a large village then a city. But it is a great tourist attraction. The area around Tazumal is filled with markets that feature Maya souvenirs, churches and other rundown buildings. When we headed towards our car, we got stuck in the middle of some kind of death festival, surely a surrealistic feeling, that was interesting!


- Sitio Arquelogio Tazumal:

Tazumal 01 Tazumal 02 Tazumal 03 Tazumal 04 Tazumal 05 Tazumal 06 Tazumal 07 Tazumal 08 Tazumal 09 Tazumal 10 Tazumal 11 Tazumal 12 Tazumal 13 Tazumal 14 Tazumal 15 Tazumal 16 Tazumal 17 Tazumal 18 Tazumal 19 Tazumal 20 Tazumal 21 Tazumal 22 Tazumal 23 Tazumal 24 Tazumal 25 Tazumal 26 Tazumal 27 Tazumal 28 Tazumal 29 Tazumal 30 Tazumal 31 Tazumal 32 Tazumal 33 Tazumal 34 Tazumal 35 Tazumal 36 Tazumal 37 Tazumal 38

Tazumal museum:

Tazumal 39 Tazumal 40 Tazumal 41 Tazumal 42 Tazumal 43 Tazumal 44 Tazumal 45 Tazumal 46 Tazumal 47 Tazumal 48 - God Xipe TotecTazumal 50 Tazumal 51 Tazumal 52 Tazumal 53 Tazumal 54 Tazumal 55 Tazumal 56 Tazumal 57 Tazumal 58 Tazumal 59



Chalchuapa 01 Chalchuapa 02 Chalchuapa 03 Chalchuapa 04 Chalchuapa 05 Chalchuapa 06 Chalchuapa 07 Chalchuapa 08 Chalchuapa 09 Chalchuapa 10 Chalchuapa 11 Chalchuapa 12 Chalchuapa 13 Chalchuapa 14