- Ichenmichen water park, La Paz department

Population: 66 000
Department: La Paz
Founded: 1852
Elevation: 149m

This page is about our very brief visit to Zacatecoluca, the capital of the La Paz department. This midsized city is situated in the middle part of El Salvador, East of San Salvador. Santa Lucia Cathedral, or Catedral Nuestra Señora de los Pobresa, a beautiful tall white catholic church, is the most central building in the city. The old Santa Lucia church was torn down to build a supermarket (due to bad economy)! At the main square, Parque José Simeon Cañas, there are also impressive sculptures and monuments, trees and palms.

There is a nice water park in the outskirts of the city, called Ichanmichen. Here visitors can swim with fishes, that eat from their skin to prevent skin diseases. During our visit, a guy was arrested, nothing too dramatic though! The city is close to the San Vicente Volcano.


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