City center, Essen-Mitte

- Essener Münster, Essen Cathedral, Kettwiger Strasse, City Hall, Rathaus Galerie, Willy-Brandt-Platz, Kennedyplatz, Grillo Theatere

Essen's city center (Mitte) goes South of the railway tracks and the central station. It is quite small and a bit hilly. Kettwiger Strasse is the main pedestrian street that goes through the city center and has brand stores and restaurant. The cathedral, Essener Dom, is very beautiful and situated along this street.  It is the seat of the roman catholic bishop and was built in gothic style in 1275, but rebuilt after the WWII bombings. It contains the Golden Madonna, the oldest fully sculptural figure of Mary north of the Alps. Gothic impressive arches leads to a beautiful courtyard, part of a cloiser. Marktkirche (Market Church) is another church, it is situated in the end of Kettwiger Strasse. Kennedyplatz is a busy square with outdoor seatings and a small mini beach summertime. Grillo-Teater is a pink theater building. In the West end of the city center is the large, modern shopping mall Limbecker Platz that opened in 2008 and has over 200 stores. Rathaus Galerie Essen is a large shopping mall built in 1979 that goes underneath the City Hall, with 80 stores. Elevators takes you down to the road underneath, thas has several bus stops. The city plan of Essen is more American then European. Rathaus (The City Hall) is a from the above cross shaped 106m tall glas skyscraper from 1979.

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