City center, Essen-Mitte

- Essener M√ľnster, Essen Cathedral, Kettwiger Strasse, City Hall, Rathaus Galerie, Willy-Brandt-Platz, Kennedyplatz, Grillo Theatere

North of the tracks of the Central Station is Essen's business district (while the shopping disitrict is to the South).. Here you find skyscrapers, highrises and a synagogue. Except for that this part is quite dull and the streets are abandoned. Essen Hauptbahnhof is elevated one floor above the ground, with commercial buildings on the ground floor.

North of the tracks is RWE-Hochhaus, that currently changed name to Westenergie-Turm, at 120m (162) to the antenna, one of the more interesting skyscrapers and the tallest building in the city, built in 1997. Rathaus (The City Hall) is a from the above cross shaped 106m tall glas skyscraper from 1979. Postbank from 1968 is the 2nd tallest building in Essen.

Old Synagogue (Alte Synagogue) is almost intact and one of Germany’s largest. It was consecrated in 1913 and is in Byzantine style. As with most other synagogues in Europe, police cars are guarding ithe building constantly.

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