Nature and cities of Eatern Germany

This page is about the pictures of places in eastern Germany (former DDR) that I took on the trip to Prague in 2005. See the Prague section for more info. The trip was all the way from Rostock to the Czech border via Berlin and Dresden.

Less than 2 hours later we where in Warnemünde in east Germany, the former DDR. Warnemünde is a small town of 8 441 inhabitnants, just next to Rostock.
I have been in Rostock 10 years ago, but didn't take any pictures. The highrise to the right is Hotel Neptun. Note the modern Calatrava like V shaped building, called Teepott, in the middle. Rostock has about 200 000 inhabitants.

A modern building in Rostock's large harbour.

We stopped in the outskirts of Berlin, in a part that belongs to the district Charlottenburg, next to the congress center, to change bus, the famous historic metropolis and capital of Germany that I have never been to before. The other bus was delayed. We saw some nice buildings from the bus. But too hours in a bus station is very boring if you don't see much of the city, that we had the luck to do on our way home. Note that Berlin has an own section.

The Autobahn was very monotone until we reached Dresden, where the landscape totally changed to beautiful high hills and mountains and the highway transformed to a small narrow road. In the picture above is a glass walled highway bridge high above the city. You can see a Swedish IKEA store through the glass, it was one of many flooded buildings in Dresden some years ago. Prague was also flooded!

Skyline of Dresden, a city that was destroyed in the World War 2. They are now rebuilding the old church towers just like they were before the war.

Several balloons where flying over Dresden and its old churches when we passed by.

Commie blocks in Dresden's outskirts.

The sun was about to set after we left Dresden and passed through several nice east German villages. The weird thing about them was that 1/3 of all residences where abandoned and very worn, probably because many east German citizens escaped when the borders to west opened. There were a lot of pine trees and spruces in the nature south of Dresden.

After some hours of driving, we finally reached the Czech border! It was not so dramatic, the German police officer just check our passports and that's it. A big difference from being killed like in the old times!

Taken on the Gedser-Rostock ferry on the way home to Denmark from Rostock:

Finally on the boat after a lot of waiting and forced shopping in Rostock's harbour.

A stunning sunset seen from the ferry when we where about to reach Denmark.