Haga, Järntorget, Linnégatan

-Haga Kyrka, Haga Nygata, Skansen Kronan

Haga is a nice district with small picturesque wooden houses, housing cafés and shops. Haga Kyrka is a neo-gothic church, that opened in 1859. Skansen Kronan is a 17th century stone redoubt (fortress) that rises above Haga. Pustervik with its rock club with the same name is right next to Haga. The district Haga was established in the mid-1600s by Queen Kristina, making it Gothenburg’s first suburb. Haga ends at Järntorget. Järntorget (Iron Square) is a square known as a gathering for working people, with a modernist down to Earth character. It is also a tram hub. Many record stores can be found around the square, as well as the rock club Pustervik. The character of the square might change when a new hotel skyscraper will be built. Linnégatan is a major street that goes between Linnéplatsen (a square and tram hub near Slottsskogsparken) and Järntorget. It has many imposing beautiful buildings.

Haga Nygata 01 Haga Nygata 02 Haga Nygata 03 Haga Nygata 04 Haga Nygata 05 Haga Nygata 06 Skansen Kronan Haga Nygata 08 Haga Nygata 09 Haga Nygata 10 Haga Nygata 11 Haga Nygata 12 Haga 2 Haga Smyrnakyrkan Samhällsvetenskapliga biblioteket (civic library) Hagakyrkan Hagakyrkan Hagakyrkan Hagakyrkan 2 Hagakyrkan 3 Hagakyrkan 4 Hagakyrkan 7 Hagakyrkan 8 Hagakyrkan 9 Around Järntorget Around Järntorget Around Järntorget Around Järntorget Around Järntorget Järntorget Järntorget Järntorget 08 Järntorget 09 Järntorget 10 Järntorget 11 Linnégatan from Järntorget Järntorget 13 Järntorget 14 - Folkets Hus Järntorget 15 Järntorget 16 Stena Carisma, a catamaran ferry seen from Järntorget Linnégatan 1 Linnégatan 2 Linnégatan 3 Linnégatan 4 Linnégatan 5 Linnégatan 6 Linnégatan 7 Linnégatan 8