Liseberg and Gothia Towers (Heden district)

-World Trade Center, Svenska Mässan, Universeum, Världskulturmuséet, Korsvägen, Evenemangsstråket

Liseberg is a very popular amusement park, the largest one in Sweden, and the country’s most popular attraction. It opened in 1923 and is situated at the highway entrance to Gothenburg, in a hilly area, part of the Heden district. You can find two large rollercoasters (Balder and Helix), a flumride and a 116m high landmark tower with a catapult, Liseberg Atmosfear (also called Lisebergstornet) among its attractions, as well as numerous restaurants and live venues.

Opposite Liseberg you find Scandinavia’s largest hotel, the Gothia Towers, which consists of three glass skyscrapers with glass-enclosed elevators, connected via skybridges, rooftop restaurants and a glass-bottom spa is among the attractions. It was originally built in 1984 with just two towers, but a 3rd tower was built in 2014 while the other ones increased their heights. It now has over 1200 rooms.

Just next to Liseberg is also Universeum, a futuristic science center and museum that opened in 2001. It is very large and features a tropical rain forest, an aquarium, space vehicles and objects, a glass elevator that rides through a waterfall and many animals and birds. The Museum of World Culture (Världskulturmuséet, opened in 2004), is a very large, boxy modernist museum building in the area, with a much more interesting interior. Svenska Mässan (Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre) and World Trade Center are adjacent to the Gothia Towers, opposite Liseberg, in a quite dull building 8-storey white complex. However, there are plans for a 4th hotel tower with even more rooms, on top of Svenska Mässan. From Korsvägen (Cross Road), many of Gothenburg’s blue trams depart and many importants roads meet. All these attractions are part of Evenemangsstråket (Thouroughfare of Events), an area in the Heden district with many attractions.

Liseberg 06 Liseberg 07 Liseberg at dark 01 - Lisebergstornet Liseberg at dark 02 Liseberg at dark 03 Liseberg 01 Liseberg 02 Liseberg 03 Lisebergstornet Focus shopping mall Christmas at Liseberg

Gothia Towers Hotel 22 Gothia Towers Hotel 23 Gothia Towers Hotel 24Gothia Towers Hotel 18Gothia Towers Hotel 05 - skybridge Gothia Towers Hotel 06 Gothia Towers Hotel 07 Gothia Towers Hotel 08Gothia Towers Hotel 09Gothia Towers Hotel 10 Gothia Towers Hotel 11 Gothia Towers Hotel 12 Gothia Towers Hotel 13 Gothia Towers Hotel 14 - poolGothia Towers Hotel 01 Gothia Towers Hotel 02 Gothia Towers Hotel 03 Gothia Towers Hotel 04 Gothia Towers Hotel 15 Gothia Towers Hotel 16Gothia Towers Hotel 17Gothia Towers Hotel 19 Gothia Towers Hotel 20 - lobby Gothia Towers Hotel 21Gothia Towers, Liseberg 04 Korsvägen Gothia Towers, Liseberg 18 Johannesbergsgatan World Trade Center Gothenburg Svenska Mässan, WTC Svenska Mässan (Swedish Exhibition Centre)

Views from Gothia Towers 01 - Liseberg Views from Gothia Towers 02 Views from Gothia Towers 03 Views from Gothia Towers 04 - Scandinavium, Ullevi Views from Gothia Towers 05 Views from Gothia Towers 06 - Lilla Bommen Views from Gothia Towers 07 - Scandic Opalen, Ullevi Views from Gothia Towers 08 - Ullevi stadium Views from Gothia Towers 09 - Scandinavium, Sten Sturegatan Views from Gothia Towers 10 - Universeum Views from Gothia Towers 11 Views from Gothia Towers 12 Views from Gothia Towers 13 Views from Gothia Towers 14 - ÅF-huset, Liseberg Views from Gothia Towers 15 Views from Gothia Towers 16 - Johanneberg Views from Gothia Towers 17 Views from Gothia Towers 18 Views from Gothia Towers 19 Views from Gothia Towers 20 Views from Gothia Towers 21 Views from Gothia Towers 22 - Liseberg, Johanneberg Universeum, Världskulturmuséet Gothia Towers, WTC, Svenska Mässan from Universeum