Nordstan, Lilla Bommen

-Skanskaskrapan, Läppstiftet, GöteborgsOperan, Opera house, Platinan, Regionens Hus, Barque Viking, Hisingsbron, Göta Älvsbron, Marina, Stenpiren

Lilla Bommen, also called Skanskaskrapan or Läppstiftet (the Lipstick), is a red and white 22-storey skyscraper built in 1989, a famous landmark for Gothenburg. Initially it was the headquarters of the global construction company Skanska There is an observation deck viewpoint on the top, called Götheborgsutkiken, with circular glass walls. The new Regionens Hus (County House) is a 15-storey highrise with a glass exterior that shifts from white to green. At Lilla Bommen, that is also the name of the central harbour area, you find the postmodern Gothenburg Opera House (Göteborgsoperan), built in 1994, and a marina. The barque Viking, a four-masted ship launched in 1906, is situated in the Lilla Bommen marina. It was the largest sailing ship ever built in Scandinavia, now serving as a botel. It is 108m long. Göta Älvsbron is a 926m long bascule bridge with six lanes that goes to the large Hisingen island, right opposite Gothenburg’s city center. It opened in 1939. Göta Älvsbron is less impressive then the more striking Älvsborgsbron, that is crossing Göta Älv further to the West. Stenpiren (Stone pier) is a pier where small ferries depart. You can take the free ferry from Stenpiren to Lindholmen, where Karlatornet will be Scandinavia's tallest building. It doesn't take cars though.

Nordstan is one of Scandianvia’s largest shopping malls, the busiest mall in Scandinavia (with around 35 million visitors a year), the largest downtown mall in Scandinavia, a city within a city, with about 200 stores, numerous restaurants and 150 offices, it is a popular meeting place for Gothenburg’s citizens. It is centrally situated between the Central Station/Drottningtorget and Inom Vallgraven (the old town), and almost considered a neighbourhood of its own, with anchor stores as Åhléns City, Femmanhuset (a mall within the mall), the second largest Apple store in Europe, Hemköp and H&M. Nordstan is still open after the stores close, and has become known as a desolate and dangerous place to dwell then. It is a popular hangout for youths in the evening. Today Nordstan, built in 1972, is quite outdated compared to newer malls, the exterior is also grey and outdated. Scandic Hotel Europa is a large hotel integrated in the Nordstan complex, one of the largest hotels in Sweden. Platinan is a brand new glass building (2022, 18 floors), facing Göta Älv and close to Nordstan and the central station. Part of it is Scandic Hotel Platinan. Hisingsbron is a new bridge that opened in 2021 over Göta Älv.

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