Slottsskogen (Slottsskogsparken) and Botaniska Trädgården

-Slottsskogens djurpark, Stora Utkiken, Stora Dammen, Botanical Garden

Slottsskogsparken, or just Slottsskogen (Castle Forest) is a very large park (137 hectares), that borders central Göteborg; Linnégatan and Masthugget. Parts of it is very hilly with rocks and resembles more a forest then a park. Slottsskogsparkens djurpark is a zoo in Slottsskogen, inaugurated in 1891, with free entrance fee. At Stora Dammen (the Big Pond) in Slottsskogen, there is a fountain. One of Slottskogsparken’s highest points are Stora Utkiken (Great Viewpoint), 80m above the sea. There you find the former water tower from 1899.

Botaniska Trädgården
(Botanical Garden) is very popular and situated in a hilly area in Änggården district near Slottsskogsparken. The garden was inaugurated in 1923 for the great Gothenburg exhibition, and founded by Carl Skottsberg, but was not completed until 1948. With about 600 000 visitors annually and about 16 000 species, it is one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe.

- Slottskogen:

Slottsskogen 1 Slottsskogen 2 Slottsskogen 3 - water tower

- Göteborgs Botaniska Trädgård (Botanical Garden) and it's views:

Botaniska Trädgården 05Botaniska Trädgården 01Botaniska Trädgården 02 Botaniska Trädgården 03 Botaniska Trädgården 04